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Country Escape v22.1.8112 MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited & Unlocked All) Download


FarmVille 2 introduces everyone to its farming gameplay’s potential and unique elements to adapt and build creatively. It also incorporates many other impressive points such as plot, interaction with the environment or characters to create vitality or realism in its world. Above all, everyone’s life in the countryside opens up many new things to discover or transform into memorable experiences.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape


Players’ journey in a busy city has finally ended, but a new beginning awaits them in the lovely and peaceful countryside. Therefore, people can freely build a comfortable life that they love or enjoy the most, including farming, transplanting, raising animals, and many more. Not only did they make things from the ground, but they could take over more businesses and interact with nearby towns.

The most impressive point from the gameplay is the freedom and comfort for everyone instead of forcing them to follow a specific direction. Furthermore, players can expand the farm or the scope of people’s management upon completing special conditions in the primary timelines. That helps create more conditions or endless possibilities for players when building a new lifestyle and wants them to enjoy things slowly and meaningfully instead of living a fast-paced life.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape


Although farming is an essential and priority job for everyone, its content and items are rich and plentiful. That includes crops, foods, and other plants growing or harvesting over time. They are followed by livestock, like cattle, chickens, etc., to get more food supplements by day. In short, the work of a farm is endless, and players can balance the amount of work to focus on many other issues.

Over time, many new items or content will open up for players to diversify their farms in different styles or themes. People can also utilize the farm as a source of revenue, and at the same time, provide the necessary materials for processing or meet the needs of the request. In addition, that will improve new types of jobs or functions on the farm to give people new opportunities for development.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape


The world inside FarmVille 2 is vast and full of fun for people to explore or interact with overtime, including finding new villages or towns. The outside world always has abundant resources, but players will also have to expend a lot of energy if they want to exploit the necessary things. When people explore certain places, many random rewards will be waiting for them as a cheer.

If the player is already satisfied with exploring the world, visiting or working with nearby towns will be a new experience. Requests or people from different regions have distinct personalities or activities, including requests or giving the player simple quests. Meanwhile, the shops here sell everything or buy the necessary items to create more trade factors.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape


Besides the farm, players can decorate their lovely house to create a new life with their friendly and optimistic mate. The home design system also comes with a wide range of customization so that people use the right furniture to create a variety of styles or festive themes. Of course, players can craft their furniture or purchase extravagant or striking prototypes from shops in town.


The mini-games appearing in FarmVille 2 are the pinnacle of relaxation as it is uncomplicated and bold with the theme of rural life. People can balance these activities into each day, like farming, animal care, fishing, etc., to discover the essence and refreshment from those peaceful lives. Of course, every activity has many excellent rewards and will open up many new potentials for everyone in the future development.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape


The plot in FarmVille 2 has a lot of possibilities for entertainment and relaxation, and each activity or interaction with NPCs is full of rich and emotional moments. Because of this, when players talk with people will add a lot of helpful information for specific jobs or processes. It also helps people understand more stories or activate achievements and hidden mechanics to take gameplay to new heights.

FarmVille 2 is one of the top choices of the farm game genre when its gameplay and content are both peaceful and serene. People also have their freedom, creating the most vibrant and comfortable life for themselves instead of living in a busy city.

  • Enjoy the best farming game and explore the temptations from tranquil lives.
  • Diversify the farm with various factors and facilities that only exist in rural areas.
  • Interact with friendly NPCs for information, content, events, and more.
  • Explore the wonderful world for more hidden treasures or excellent materials.
  • Design personal house with lively color for a beautiful married life.

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