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CS2 is coming for sure! With the announcement of FPSThailand that prepares to push the industry to the end


Thursday, March 16, 2023, 7:14:51 a.m. Indochina time

back to the beginning of the month March 2023 There has been news that has come out of many places. Whether it’s a file of Nvidia , Steamdb and many more about famous games like CS: go With news that there are plans to launch a new game in the name CS2 Until causing a wide flow to late gamers frames per second After the developer valve Has left the game lonely for many years

and because of information in the world Internet It can be created by itself. causing various information that has a relatively low credibility as well But that thought had to go away when one of pro player of the game CS: go like Oleksandr.” s1mple Kostyljev, a member from the agency born to win has confirmed that C.S. The news that comes out is “real” and it’s more fun than the game. frames per second neighbor like value as well

But for many who are fans of the game CS: go would feel overwhelmed But he might not be able to speak a little because he didn’t know that after the game was launched, would there be any adults to help push this industry? And most recently, it seems that the aforementioned magic must be gone when the fan page FPS Thailand Has come out to reveal that Phi Wan or Chaniknan ” cute boy Thipphairot, Founder FPS Thailand and myth has announced that

” Ready to support the community CS2 And ready to push the tournament to happen in Thailand “

Of course, when everyone saw this confirmation As a result, many celebrities such as Dare CigaretteS , So First position top executive belonging to attack all around and one of the YouTube number famous as Bay Reef Came out to express many different opinions, whether it was announcing looking for a spinning team, announcing looking for players in advance. to the feeling of wanting to go back to the past


Finally, on the fan page of support which is one of the famous journalists in the gaming industry has revealed that Right now, there’s information about CS2 being a completely overhauled game. Therefore, there is a possibility that various maps may be reconfigured, whether

  • overpass
  • short dust
  • lagoon
  • hell
  • rice seedlings
  • Italy
  • cobblestone

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