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Defend Zaun with Ekko in CONVERGENCE: A League of Legends Story.


Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 1:00 p.m. 00 p.m. Indochina time.

Convergence: League of Legends Stories is a newly released 2D action platform game from Double Stallion and Riot Forge where the main protagonist is a young Ekko, who is known as “boy who shattered time” as he combines parkour with advanced combat. and the ability to control time to overcome everything and an enemy who threatens the future of Zaun and all his people.

Convergence: A League of Legends Story is all about using Ekko’s abilities to take advantage of the many exciting options presented to players throughout the game as the story progresses. with a device that can go back in time He must work with his friends to keep his city of Zaun safe. However, he soon realizes that he can’t even trust anyone. even the people he loves the most including himself

“Going back in time will give Ekko another chance to succeed.”

The first of all abilities, and the one we’ll use most often, is Time Rewind, Ekko’s main ability that allows him to go back in time to correct any mistakes he may have made. In this Convergence it is. It allows players to quickly go back in seconds to try a combat situation or fix different platforms they want to do it again.

Rewinding time is limited by a certain amount of Rewind Charges, but these can be restored as they drop throughout Zaun and the total amount of charges can be improved as the story progresses. Additionally, Ekko will be able to create Gadgets. That will complement Time Rewind and his other abilities with things like a temporary speed boost or a temporary release that deals damage after a rollback.

“Chronobreak is the ultimate ability that can save your life.”

Like in League of Legends, Chronobreak is Ekko’s ultimate ability in CONVERGENCE. A momentary explosion caused massive damage and knockback.

Chronobreak charges when Ekko damages an enemy. You can even restore it if you accidentally use it too early by activating the time rewind to the point before you used it!

“Timewinder is Ekko’s remote solution.”

The Timewinder comes with a rather stylish belt buckle. It’s Ekko’s signature long-range attack, giving him another way to take out enemies foolish enough to get in his way.

When the player passes the specified level They can throw the Timewinder and watch it expand after a certain distance. The Timewinder deals damage as it dashes forward. and it deals damage in the area where it ends. before returning to Ekko and dealing even more damage as it returns.

In addition to combat, the Timewinder is equally useful, as it can power a special electrical outlet that Ekko encounters as he explores Zaun.

“Parallel Convergence slows down time in the blink of an eye.”

Parallel Convergence is one of the capabilities Double Stallion developers have tried to perfect. But it’s also the ability that seems to matter most in many life-and-death situations Ekko will undoubtedly find himself in. Parallel Convergence is all about slowing down. Time will freeze in a circular area around Ekko and will be active both in and out of combat.

In combat, Parallel Convergence can help Ekko take down a large number of enemies at once and the missiles they will fire at. when the ability is activated which can be cast much faster than any League of Legends ability, slows down everything in its path except for Ekko and other Champions who are more resistant to its effects.

Outside of combat, Parallel Convergence will allow Ekko to slow down certain mechanical elements such as assault platforms, fire holes, fans, shredders, and more.

“Phase Dive is a teleportation move that can deal massive damage.”

The final ability every player needs to know is Phase Dive, and it’s one ability that Ekko can use to teleport to a target to perform a devastating slash attack. fast too making it Ekko’s all-purpose tool.

Outside of combat, Phase Dive can be used to teleport to special nodes in Undercity and maneuver through impenetrable gaps and walls. You can also use it while traveling through Zaun to get out of a stuck situation that could cause Ekko a lot of trouble.

These are just Ekko’s five abilities, and players can expect to learn more throughout the game. Not to mention over 20 gadgets that can be further customized!

CONVERGENCE is launching and is just one of many games in the League of Legends universe, and join more Riot Forge games like Ruined King, Hextech Mayhem, The Mageseeker, and Song of Nunu to come.

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