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Details of the canceled Need for Speed ​​TV show revealed

Details of the canceled Need for Speed ​​TV show revealed


According to former producer Craig Lieberman, Need for Speed ​​may have made its film debut in 2014, but it almost hit TV screens in the mid-2000s.

On his YouTube channel, Lieberman detailed how, after serving as a consultant for Need For Speed: Underground at EA, he introduced the company to a reality TV series based on the popular racing game franchise. Lieberman’s idea was to pit multiple teams against each other in game-inspired challenges, with each competing team being responsible for assembling their own vehicles to be used in that competition.

One idea, Lieberman says, was for teams to compete in a lap time competition and then move on to a stage where a panel of judges voted on their cars and performance. To link to a release Need for Speed: Underground, the participants will fight face to face each time in the game races.

So what prevented Need for Speed ​​from appearing on TV? The two main concerns were the budget, which Lieberman estimated at over $ 6 million, and there are already too many car TV shows on the market.

The project was ultimately scrapped and Need for Speed ​​ended up on the silver screen in a cinematic.

In terms of the game’s franchise, the last mainstream game in the series was Need for speed heat 2019, and in 2020 was released Remastered Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit… Burnout developer Criterion Games took a break from Need for Speed ​​development this year to help DICE Battlefield 2042, postponing the next racing game in the series until 2022.


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