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Developer Forspoken Reveals Changes Based On Feedback From PS5 Demo


Saturday, December 24, 2022, 8:41:38 PM, Indochina time.

game developer Forspoken Has informed that the team is going to make improvements to the game based on feedback from players of Demo latest for PS5 by Forspoken It’s a game Action RPG that is being developed for PC and PS5 The game was developed by Luminous Productions and distributed by Square Enix

Luminous Productions is a Japanese video game development team created by members who previously worked on Final Fantasy XV This company is a subsidiary of Square Enix and was established after its launch Final Fantasy XV by Forspoken It is the first game developed by a new company and tried to use Luminous Engine To create a Japanese game that will attract attention from all over the world.

game Forspoken presents the story of Frey Holland In an adventure in the fantasy world of Athia After she was brought from New York City to this world. by Frey Will use her magical powers to travel to find her way home.

current Forspoken have Demo playable for PS5 and many fans who have played Demo has provided a lot of feedback on the game by Twitter the official Forspoken has tweeted about the reception they’ve received from the release. Demo for PS5 In the tweet, he shared his excitement at seeing so many fans of the game enjoying their time in the game. Athia It lists upcoming changes based on that feedback and reassures players that they are taking it seriously.

it seems Luminous Production is open to constructive criticism and aims to make the game the best possible experience for its fans, and this is great to see. Demo of the game can offer more things that could be improved for developers. The communication between fans and developers will go a long way in creating a better final product overall.

Forspoken Released January 24, 2023 for PC and PS5

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