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DJMAX Respect V launches Clear Pass Season 8, celebrating ahead of the season of love and adding a 1v1 mode called VERSUS !!


Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 7:08:20 a.m. Indochina time

Prepare for the sweet festival in advance. Before the month of love when the team DJMAX Respect V has announced the launch clear pass New in the season 8 official with plans to enter the game January 18, 2023 this

for clear pass in the season 8 This will come in the theme of love. Therefore, various mascots will be dressed in maid costumes, including various desserts to complement the theme. clear pass There will be many prizes, whether sticker super cute , plate for decoration, including gear note and theme of the season 8 The design is cute and collectable.




In addition, it was announced to bring old songs from the region. DJMAX Trilogy at Planetboom – Dancin’ Planet come back to play together again Which such songs will be open to play for free without conditions

and to add to the fun to the next level Therefore causing the team to announce an increase in the level of difficulty Science to more than one old song 20 songs totaling more than 50 pattern, whether Karma , Binary World , Glory Day , Only for you , Wating for you and many more


Add a new system to the section. open competition with the name vs. which will have the following details

  • will be playing 1 continue 1 Maximum access to the room 8 people, using the same rules as climbing stairs matching
    • model competition Bo3 who wins 2 in 3 before winning immediately
    • can open hard judgment Yes, to be used for training and challenging your own skills.
    • can choose how many buttons to play ( 4 – 8 button)
    • While playing, people watching in the room can type and talk to each other.
  • You can now press to wait in the currently playing room.



It is also a bug fix. Including various impressions, which will have many small details. By going to read more details atthis link Finally, for anyone interested in the game. DJMAX Respect V able to purchase the said game via steam to play together and have fun

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