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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch? It’s that easy to find games for your wrist


Here’s how you can install a few games on your Galaxy Watch directly from the Play Store.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch?  It's that easy to find games for your wrist
Your Samsung Galaxy Watch is also good for gaming. Discover how to find games compatible with your watch quickly and easily

Smartwatches have become one of the essential plugins for a large number of users around the world and if you are looking for a smart watch with Android One of the best options you can find on the market are the Galaxy Watch of samsungsince they have the official Google operating system, Wear OS, and have a lot of really cool extra features.

We already revealed you The best tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Watchbut as always we have something left in the pipeline, today we come to tell you how you can easily find games for your smartwatch and how you can install them directly from your mobile.

So you can download and install games on your Galaxy Watch from Google Play

You probably don’t know it, but for some time the Google Play Store of your android mobile has a new section through which you can find and install games on your Galaxy Watch.

To access it you just have to open the Play storeclick on the tab Other devices and tap on the option Clock. This section includes a total of 26 games compatible with your Samsung smartwatchwhich are organized in two sections: “Relax with games on your watch” and “Play Anywhere”.

Also, once you’ve found a game you like to enjoy on your smartwatch, you can install on the watch directly from the mobile appsince you simply have to enter said game and touch the button install so that it is available on both the smartphone and the watch.

Just a few minutes after the chosen game is installed on your mobile, you will see that it appears a download icon at the bottom of your Galaxy Watch and if you click on it you will see that the game is automatically downloading and installing on your smartwatch. Once installed, you will only have to open it to start playing it right on your wristwithout having to depend on the mobile.

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