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Do you have an OPPO, OnePlus or realme? Hide the apps you don’t want anyone to see with this simple trick


OPPO, OnePlus and Realme mobiles hide a function that means that nobody can see certain apps that you have installed on your smartphone, except you, of course.

Do you have an OPPO, OnePlus or realme?  Hide the apps you don't want anyone to see with this simple trick
The menu of hidden applications in a realme 11 Pro 5G

Surely you have ever heard the name of BBK Electronics, a company based in China that has become one of the largest manufacturers of mobile phones in the world, since it is the matrix of three well-known smartphone brands: OPPO, oneplus and kingdom. This causes the devices of these three manufacturers share fairly similar softwaredespite the fact that each of them has its own Android customization layer.

Well, today we are going to talk about a very practical trick that is valid for the mobiles of these three companies thanks to which you will be able to hide apps you don’t want anyone to see.

Keep certain apps anonymous thanks to this feature on OPPO, OnePlus and realme smartphones

ColorOS, OxygenOS and realme UI, the customization layers for Android of OPPO, OnePlus and realme smartphones, respectively, share a good number of functionalities and one of the most useful and at the same time the most unknown is the one that lets you hide apps so no one can see them but you.

To test this hidden function of the BBK Electronics group devices we have used a realme 11 Pro 5G, which we have recently been able to analyzebut The steps that you must follow in the OPPO and OnePlus terminals would be very similar to the ones that we are going to detail.

Thus, the first thing you should do to hide the applications that you want to keep safe from prying eyes is to access the application drawer of your realme mobile and open the app. Administrator.

Once inside said app, tap on the tab Tools which is located in the lower left corner and inside the section Privacy click on the option hide apps.

Next, a list will appear with all the apps that you have installed on your terminal and you will have to activate the switch that is located to the right of each one of them to hide them. The first time you do this, you’ll see a pop-up window telling you to create an access code so that only you can access those applications.

To establish this access code, you have to click on the option Settings and create a password between 1 and 16 digits that must start and end with “#”. Once the code is created, click on the button Made to save the changes.

After selecting all the apps you want to hide, these They will no longer appear in the launcher or in the app drawerin such a way that if someone uses your mobile they will not have access to them.

But, if they do not appear in the launcher or the app drawer How will you be able to access them?

Well, in a way that is as simple as it is curious, since you simply have to open the Phone app of your realme mobile and type the secret code that you have created previouslysince when doing this you will see a folder called “Hidden Applications” with all the apps you have hidden and another called “Safe” with which you can hide documents, images and videos that you don’t want to be visible.

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