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Do you often lose your mobile? The latest news from Google is just what you need


The latest update to the Google Play Store brings us indications that the Big G is considering incorporating its own network like the one Apple has.

Do you often lose your mobile?  The latest news from Google is just what you need

Apple may be blamed for decisions that, from the Android spectrum, they just didn’t convince us. Some of them seem to be having some revision in recent times, such as install apps from outside the App Storebut for now iOS remains a closed system that allows few options for the user to modify it.

But to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Apple does things right, too: its devices are virtually fail-safe, and its network for finding your device (even if you’re out of network and Bluetooth range) is one of the best. for that very reason Google is considering something similar to include in Android, just like has published the company itself.

This is the latest news from Google

Google Find my device

Google’s “Find My Device” feature will help you locate your phone even if it’s turned off, out of Bluetooth range, or disconnected from the network.

Although Google had already tried something similar with the Android Device Manager in 2021, so far there had not been much development on this front. It has not been until the December 2022 update of Google Play that they have not begun to be seen hints of the arrival of an Android-like feature

As can be seen from the information published by Google, its feature to find devices now uses a “privacy-focused framework” and supports the encrypted delivery of reports based on last location of the terminal. This could mean that the Big G is considering creating an Apple-like network for Android.

Other changes that the update has brought with it include the automatic app archiving. This feature allows you to uninstall apps while keeping your data when you run out of space on your phone. It could already be done manually since last March, but its automatic capabilities have significantly improved the feature.

This function will be especially welcomed by entry-level phone userswhich often have very limited storage.

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