Home Tech Elon Musk accuses Threads of copying Twitter and could sue Meta

Elon Musk accuses Threads of copying Twitter and could sue Meta

Elon Musk accuses Threads of copying Twitter and could sue Meta


Elon Musk destroys Twitter. And now, he is not amused that Meta has created an almost identical copy that he paints with great success.

Elon Musk accuses Threads of copying Twitter and could sue Meta
Threads is the great alternative to Twitter created by Meta.

It is the topic of the day. Almost of the week or of the month. And it is that after watch Elon Musk smash Twitter while its users impatiently awaited a viable alternative, it seems that at the Meta officesMark Zuckerberg and his they worked on an almost identical copy that has triumphed at the first exchange.

And it is that the figures of the first day of Threads scaremore than 30 million registered users in less than 15 hoursand also the service works quite well, which has worried a Musk who seems not to have liked a hair this almost identical copy plus a giant of like Meta.

The truth is that there were already alternatives such as Mastodon either Blue skybut the first made it a bit difficult to understand how it worked while the second was still in its infancy, available only by invitation, leaving the door open for Zuckerberg to try to harness the potential of Instagram and its user base as it has finally done.

With Bluesky in its infancy and Mastodon complicating things, surely Elon Musk did not expect such significant competition in such a short period of time, also with the potential to take advantage of the Instagram user base.

Not surprisingly, this is where the great success of Threads resides, a service to which You can access without registration, just with our Instagram account and downloading an app that is also intuitive, already knownIt looks dangerously like the original Twitter. To the usual Twitter that everyone wanted back. And also, just like that, Threads has directly reached 100 countries without going through the starting box.

That is how Elon Musk now sees the 44,000 million dollars in danger more than ever that he invested in Twitter in one of his attacks of ego and madness, because as the colleagues of PhoneArena This is serious and good competition, especially because Meta wants all our data at all costs and it lacked that more professional social networkmore serious, almost a means of communication, with people who offered very interesting and more reliable content as was Twitter.

So it is understood how Twitter is already reviewing the case with the courtsthreatening a complaint to Meta accusing them of stealing “Twitter trade secrets and other intellectual property”. At least that’s what the letter sent by Alex Spiro, Elon Musk’s personal lawyerwho has already written to Mark Zuckerberg directly.

Not only that, and it is that Elon himself has given his opinion as you will see in the cheep which we inserted right up here, saying that “competition is okay, cheating is not”.

To delve a little into Spiro’s accusations towards Meta, they indicate that the Menlo Park-based company could have hired ex-Twitter employees to reveal secrets to them Twitter in order to move faster in the development of Threads. This for Elon Musk’s lawyer constitutes “a violation of state and federal laws, as well as those ex-employees’ obligations to Twitter”.

Here surely begins a long legal battle that will keep us entertained while we find accommodation in other alternatives to Twitter.

Obviously it would be legal to hire ex-employees fired from Twitter, but what we do not know are the possible confidentiality contracts that they could have signed with the company, so Here begins a new legal battle that will last many months, years surelyand that will keep us entertained while users find accommodation after the Twitter apocalypse.

In fact, the response from Meta did not waitand it is that Andy Stone, the very same Director of Communications of the company, has confirmed in his Threads profile (as it could not be less) that “to be clear: no one on the Threads engineering team is a former Twitter employee”.

We will keep reporting…!


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