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English Dictionary v4.0.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download


Coming to this application, you have a vibrant English vocabulary store, and the application also provides a variety of synonyms and antonyms along with a very standard pronunciation system. In particular, the interface of this application is extremely eye-catching, and the items are clearly arranged with gentle, gentle colors.

Advanced Offline DictionaryAdvanced Offline Dictionary


Coming to Advanced Offline Dictionary, players are provided with a variety of vocabulary with different semantics, phonetics, and types of words. The language of this application is wealthy and diverse, helping to improve your new vocabulary. Besides, new words in this application are pronounced like a native. Thanks to that, the ability of users to communicate and pronounce is increasingly accurate. Moreover, the words here are explained clearly, and easily understood, especially there are practical examples for users to understand and grasp more quickly.


Besides providing a multitude of different types of vocabulary, users can also search for the necessary words comfortably. The modern, clear arrangement makes it easier and faster for players to search. At the same time, with just a few simple keywords, the application system will provide you with a series of related words for your reference. Thanks to that, you can find the words you need more precisely. In addition, you can also use your voice to search for words to use; this will save you more time.


Through these outstanding features of Advanced Offline Dictionary, users can comfortably learn more vocabulary without spending too much effort. The words in this application are transcribed, clearly translated, along with extremely useful examples. You can learn new words anytime, anywhere without being constrained by the study space. In your spare time, you can open this application to learn; especially this application does not require an internet connection, so you are free to experience an exciting and attractive learning space.

Advanced Offline DictionaryAdvanced Offline Dictionary


  • Bringing users a wide range of new vocabulary with many different topics helps users not get bored while learning but instead enjoy it even more.
  • The words that the application provides are transcribed and translated very clearly, along with convenient examples to help players understand how to use those words.
  • The precise arrangement of vocabularies makes it easy for users to search for new words easily and quickly.
  • You can use voice to search, or with just a few simple keywords, the system will give you a series of related words to choose the most appropriate word for you.
  • Allows you to learn better without being bothered by ads and without an Internet connection, which makes your learning more effective.

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