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Epic Games is celebrating the 9th Holiday and is giving away Encased, a trun-based game from 2019 with an interesting storyline.


Friday, December 23, 2022 at 11:46:23 PM Indochina time.

continues to be distributed continuously for popular platforms Epic Games Store Comes with free game giveaway activities without rest 15 Sticky day, which now the activity has arrived. Day 9 entered, and after Epic Games Just played big, giving away old games from the camp. Bethesda in game Fallout to 3 The sector is free to receive as well, which can go to read more atthis article

for the next game on the way Epic Games Will make a giveaway this time, it belongs to the old game in the year 2019 which comes with a rather specialized game genre But even so, the game is still quite interesting. This game will be called Encased there

for game Encased will be a game line Turn-Based Combat As for the setting of this game world, it will be around the year. 1970 which discovered a mysterious object of unknown origin called Dome in the middle of the vast desert Therefore, the object must be explored. Including increasing the ability of the character to be strong In order to survive in this cruel world

It is considered that these gamers from the way Reddit Joining together in this brainstorming session can be considered quite successful. and predict accurately Have to wait and see that during the rest of the time these gamers will show their abilities until they can guess how much the game will be distributed for free after this. have to wait and follow each other


It is considered another interesting game. especially people who like game genres Turn-Based Combat is already the original capital I might feel fun with such games. and enjoy more or less Finally, for some people, it may be too late to see this article. But still feeling interested in the game, can buy this game either way Steam and Epic Games Store together

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