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Fiery Friend: Meet the Terminator


Fiery Friend: Meet the Terminator, a robot dog with a flamethrower on its back

This is a four-legged robot that can set fire to anything in a matter of seconds.

If you thought that Flamethrower from Boring Company Elon Musk is the most radical invention in this area, then you should take a look at a product even more extreme. Throwflame has unveiled a robotic dog, hilariously named “The Terminator”, that you can pre-order now.

Terminator “is a four-legged robot equipped with an ARC1 flamethrower on its back. It is capable of firing a jet of burning fuel at a distance of almost 10 meters and can work up to 45 minutes at maximum battery load. Interestingly, Throwflame does not present its innovation as a weapon, but presents it in as a device for the agricultural sector, snowmelt and pest control.

The basis for the “Terminator” was the model of the robot dog Unitree Go1, which is equipped with many cameras and sensors for autonomous navigation in the surrounding space without the need for wireless control. The ARC flamethrower has four rails for attaching to a variety of surfaces, including a tripod, a rifle, and of course, a robot dog. It also comes with a variety of accessories, such as an additional fuel tank, wireless remotes and pressure sensors.

In its basic configuration, the Unitree Go1 weighs about 11.8 kg. However, with the installation of a flamethrower, the weight of the Terminator increases to approximately 27.2 kg, which may affect the duration of its operation before replacing the battery.

The Terminator is not yet available for direct purchase, but if you are interested, you can subscribe to updates on the Throwflame website. The product is scheduled to go on sale in the third quarter of 2023.

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