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Fix Bug Check Error Code 0x00000133 ntoskrnl.exe


If you receive Error code 0x00000133 with Crash address ntoskrnl.exe, resulting in BSOD, this post will help you resolve the problem. The error occurs because of GPU drivers, specifically reported for AMD GPU drivers in Windows 11/10.

Fix Error Code: 0x00000133 ntoskrnl.exe

What is ntoskrnl.exe?

The kernel image, referred to as ntoskrnl.exe, is a critical component of the Microsoft Windows NT kernel. It contains the kernel and executive layers and is responsible for several essential functions, including hardware abstraction, process handling, and memory management.

Fix Bug Check Error Code 0x00000133 ntoskrnl.exe

To resolve the error code, we will need to clean reinstall the GPU Driver in two steps. First is uninstallation, followed by clean installation of the drivers in Windows.

  1. Uninstall the AMD GPU drivers using AMD Cleanup Utility.
  2. Reinstall the AMD GPU drivers using the AMD website.

Makes sure you have an administrator account when executing these suggestions.

1] Uninstall the AMD GPU drivers using AMD Cleanup Utility

AMD offers a display driver uninstaller under the name of AMD Cleanup Utility. The software is built to remove any previously installed GPU and Audio drivers on the Windows PC. It’s essential to avoid conflict with existing drivers and DLLs when the new graphics software and driver are installed.


You can download the software from amd.com, and it will start removing the drivers instantly. That said, the utility only works in safe mode; if you launch it in the standard mode, it will offer to boot into the Safe mode. Once there, rerun the application, and uninstall the drivers.

The application will remove AMD drivers and applications such as graphics drivers, audio drivers, and Radeon software. However, it will not remove or modify AMD chipset drivers.

You can also use the Display Driver Uninstaller instead to remove, AMD, Intel, etc. display drivers.

2] Reinstall the AMD GPU drivers using the AMD website

The next step is downloading the AMD GPU Driver from the AMD website. You can visit the AMD support website, select the GPU, and then choose to download the AMD drivers. The download page will offer you versions based on Windows or other platforms.

AMD Driver Download

Once you have the setup file, run the installer with admin permission, and ensure a clean install.


At times, GPU drivers develop compatibility and conflicts as the Windows version gets an update or there is a change in the driver itself. It is always recommended to go slow with the driver updates and look out in the forums to check if other users report the issue.

I hope the post was easy to follow and you could fix the Error Code: 0x00000133 ntoskrnl.exe in Windows causing the BSOD. If these steps do not help, you may consider restoring the operating system or replacing any failing hardware.

What causes the Ntoskrnl.exe error?

The Ntoskrnl.exe error can be caused by several things, including corrupted or missing system files, outdated or corrupt drivers, malware or virus infection, hardware failure, such as a failing hard drive or RAM, and so on. Depending on the error code and situation, the troubleshooter must figure out what caused the BSOD or the Crash.

Error Code 0x00000133 ntoskrnl

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