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Fix Slow Ethernet Speed ​​on Windows 11/10 Computer

Fix Slow Ethernet Speed ​​on Windows 11/10 Computer


If you are faced with slow Ethernet speed on Windows 11/10, we have several solutions that might fix the problem in this guide. The Internet is needed for almost everything these days. It is inseparable from our way of life. Poor or slow internet speed is a factor that interferes with daily life. Currently, all newer PCs are shipped without an Ethernet port. Some computers still have them, and if you are one of them and are experiencing slow Ethernet speeds on Windows 11/10, here we have the fixes for you.

Why is my Ethernet so slow on PC?

There can be many reasons for a slow Ethernet connection. This could be due to a lack of connectivity, outdated network drivers, poor internet or DNS connection, and more. We have to implement the fixes mentioned below and anyone can fix the problem.

Fix Slow Ethernet Speed ​​on Windows 11/10

If you are experiencing slow Ethernet speeds on Windows 11/10, the following fixes might help you fix the problem. Before doing that, check the status of your internet connection, turn off the VPN, check for updates for your network adapters.

  1. Run Network Troubleshooters
  2. Refresh or reset network
  3. Disable Large Send Offloading (LSO)
  4. Change your DNS settings
  5. Disable Windows Auto-Tuning

Let’s take a closer look at each method for solving the problem.

1]Run network troubleshooters

Run the built-in network troubleshooters and see if they help you.

2]Refresh or reset network

Open command prompt as administrator and enter the following commands one by one and refresh your network.

ipconfig / release

ipconfig / renew

ipconfig / flushdns

ipconfig / registerdns

nbtstat -rr

netsh int ip reset all

netsh winsock reset

Make sure the issue is resolved after running all commands.

By the way, you can also use the network reset feature in Windows.

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3]Disable Large Send Offload (LSO)

Large Send Offload (LSO) in Windows 11/10 improves overall network performance. You can easily disable it in the properties of the network adapter in the device manager. Open Device manager on your pc and click Network adapters… Then double click on the network adapter and select Advanced in properties. Now select Large Send Offload from the property list and set it to Disabled

4]Change DNS settings

The DNS provided by your ISP may not be used or is not working correctly. You should change your DNS to public ones like Google Public DNS, Cloudflare, etc. This will fix the Ethernet speed issue.

5]Disable Windows Auto-Tuning

Windows Auto Config is designed to improve the network and data transfer speed of Windows. Sometimes it can affect the Ethernet speed. You need to disable Windows autotuning to fix the slow Ethernet speed.

We hope this post helps you to increase your internet speed.

How to fix slow Ethernet on Windows?

If you are experiencing slow Ethernet, you can easily fix it by checking your network connection status, disabling VPN, disabling Windows auto-tuning, changing DNS settings, disabling large send offload, etc.

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