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Fix Xbox Payment Error Code 80169D3


It’s pretty annoying when you are set to download a game and pay for it but encounter the error code 80169D3A on your Xbox. The error on the payment sure does not let you complete your purchase, thus stopping you from getting the game. The error can have multiple reasons, an outstanding balance, incorrect billing information, a different region’s PayPal account, or unverified digital codes. We have covered you all with how you can fix it!

Xbox Payment Error Code 80169D3

The Payment Error Code 80169D3A is a common error that several users encounter. Mostly, users either use an unsupported payment method/PayPal account or enter incorrect billing information. Only a few times, it happens due to server outages.

Fix Xbox Payment Error Code 80169D3A

There are several reasons for accounting for the error code; you can fix it based on that.

  1. Your Xbox subscription has an outstanding balance
  2. PayPal account may have a different country or region
  3. Microsoft account has incorrect or incomplete billing information
  4. The Digital Code You’re Using Needs To Be Verified

Here’s how you can do so:

1] Your Xbox subscription has an outstanding balance

You would forget to pay for subscribed services, leading to the Payment Error Code 80169D3A. You must clear your Microsoft account’s outstanding balance or dues to complete new purchases. Similarly, if you have a subscription that renews automatically, it can become locked if the renewal charge fails. When this happens, you lose access to the subscription and its benefits.

Follow the steps given below to clear outstanding dues on your Xbox account:

Payment is Past Due on Xbox One

  • Press the Xbox on your controller
  • In the guide, go to settings
  • Under the accounts sections, click on subscriptions
  • Locate the outstanding payment and then select it
  • Choose the payment method and proceed.

But if you do not have any outstanding dues, then the method below will help you!


2] PayPal account may have a different country or region

For a successful transaction on Xbox, you must use your region’s PayPal or other payment services. If you use a different region’s PayPal account or Payment method, you should update your country or region to resolve this error. So you have two options: create a PayPal id that is the same as your region or change the payment method to a card.

3] Microsoft account has incorrect or incomplete billing information

Commonly, you would have made some mistakes in entering billing information. Thus, incorrect information would lead to error code 80169D3A. You can update the billing information following the steps given below:

  • Visit Microsoft’s official website and sign in with your credentials
  • Under the Payments & Billing section, click on Address bookChange Billing Address Microsoft
  • Edit your Billing details and click on Save

Sometimes the issue is from the backend leading the case. The next method will take you through it.

4] The digital code you’re using needs to be verified

If you are using a digital code and getting the same error code, it can be due to service outages on Xbox servers. To check the Xbox server’s status, visit the Xbox status page. If the error persists, contact the retailer, as The digital code you’re using needs to be verified error means the digital code is valid but has not been activated yet. Once your Digital code gets activated, you can redeem it.

I hope the post was easy to follow and that you resolved it. In case nothing works, it’s best to connect with Xbox support.

Why is Xbox not accepting my Credit Card?

Verify with your credit card issuer or financial institution that the payment method you are utilizing is active and has sufficient funds and that the transaction is not being impeded. If the payment method employed to cover your Xbox subscription is invalid or expired, it will be necessary to establish new payment credentials.

Why is Microsoft not accepting my debit card?

Microsoft accepts debit cards, but they are not supported in all regions. The same applies to PayPal. So when entering a debit card, if you are receiving an error while everything is correct, including regional details, then it’s because, for your region, Microsoft doesn’t support the debit card. You need to add a credit card or ask someone to give you gift cards so you can add money to the account.

Xbox Payment Error Code 80169D3

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