HomeTechFor some reason LG has launched a television of 250,000 dollars

For some reason LG has launched a television of 250,000 dollars


LG has presented a new 136-inch micro-LED television at CES in Las Vegas that many pockets will not be able to afford.

For some reason LG has launched a television of 250,000 dollars
LG’s new TV costs $250,000

since LG stopped manufacturing Android phones It seems that all their efforts have been focused on make the best televisions that can be found on the market. A segment where, while it also has a lot of competition, it seems to be doing better than it did when it was in the mobile phone game.

In fact, just two days ago the Korean firm launched its new OLED televisionswith which he promised more power and brightness than ever. The company’s work in this sector leaves no one indifferent, to the point of becoming one of the stars at CES in Las Vegas. It has been at this fair precisely where LG has shown, among other things, a television that is not available to everyone.

An appliance that is very difficult for you to afford

As published in Android AuthorityThe Korean firm has been uncovered with several devices aimed at the consumer market. At least, the one with the most bulging pockets. Among them, the protagonist of this article stands out, a 136-inch micro-LED TV It costs a whopping $250,000.

There is not much information available about this TV, but considering that in October of last year They already launched a similar model for a $50,000 higher price, presumably they will share some features. This model received the name of LG MAGNIT 4K and, apart from giving its resolution in its name, it had a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a brightness of up to 2,000 nits.

Apart from these features, it is also to be assumed that this new model will be based on WebOS as an operating system. For now it is not known if the Alpha 9 video processor will be mounted on it, or if there is an evolution of it that it will finally incorporate.

In addition to this huge television, the company has presented one more content of “only” 97 inches. This It is called LG M3It has 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. In addition, it allows transmission to the television without loss according to the manufacturer. Its price is not for all budgets either: $25,000.

If you have money to spare and can afford one of these televisions, LG will be happy to assist you.

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