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Fortnite disables Deku Smash item after some issues


Friday, December 23, 2022 at 6:58:04 PM, Indochina time.

Fortnite has been disabled Deku Smash which was presented as part of the collaboration of My Hero Academia This is not uncommon. Epic Games Makes a sudden decision to disable in-game items or delete other content, either from Unexpected glitch, item balance imbalance or other problems occur from time to time in the game live-service that are frequently updated like Fortnite

Deku Smash is an item fromcooperation of Fortnite with My Hero Academia This collaboration has released a set of skins. My Hero Academia 4 premium levels: Deku, All Might, Bakugo and Ochaco There is also an island My Hero Academia that is uniquely named Hero Training Facility This will let each team fight against each other and be able to earn special rewards.

Epic Games Confirm that the item Deku Smash was removed from Fortnite on Tuesday evening by Epic Explain that there is “problem” with items, but does not go into specific details. Changes may take some time to propagate to other servers of Fortnite Although now it appears that this item is completely disabled. But it is possible that some servers may still be available.

however Deku Smash not removed from Fortnite Completely, it disappeared from the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite only in Hero Training Facility still fully usable At this point, it’s unclear why. Deku Smash Therefore, it must be removed from all battle royale modes. while still allowing them to be used in Custom game But that may mean that the issue is more complex than a bug or technical issue with this item.

It is possible that disabling this item is due to a warning that appears when the mode Hero Training Facility begins, the player will be told that Deku Smash It can provoke a reaction in people with epilepsy. And then they have to agree to continue. Epic Games have deleted Deku Smash Exit battle royale mode. due to potential legal liability

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