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Fumi Hausu, one of the famous VTuber from “Farmhouse” brand, has officially announced his retirement.


Thursday, January 19, 2023, 6:05:27 a.m. Indochina time

Announcing the official termination of the role for V Tuber at Fumi Howsu by taking on the role of virtual brand ambassador for the well-known bread maker and bakery brand ” farm house ” After traveling with fans for a long time 1 years and plans to do a live for the last time in January 31, 2023 time 20:00 noon onwards

which if going back in the year 2022 way” farm house ” will be anniversary 40 The year that their brand was launched was just right. thus making the middle of the month January 2022 way” farm house “has come out to celebrate by launch Fumi Howsu as virtual brand ambassador official and create a great phenomenon both grabbing Fumi Howsu To take on the responsibility of promoting products through various advertisements, including starting a serious live broadcast. at the beginning of the month February 2022

for the works of V Tuber at Fumi Howsu is designed Including making a model by the skill of a famous painter like Asuka111 In addition, you Asuka111 also came out to tell about ” Behind the scenes of creating VTUBER, Nong FUMI ” Roughly and for those who are interested can go to see more below.

and to boost sales to the next level therefore making the brand ” farm house came out to release a packet of bread in the form of Fumi Howsu In a variety of different poses, causing fans to collect collectors to find each other to be busy And it is considered one of the marketing that helps increase sales for ” farm house ” very well


Finally, the way Fumi Howsu Announced to receive a letter from a fan to express feelings and farewell for the last time The letter will be opened from January 17, 2023 to January 30, 2023 Including opening and reading letters together in the last live January 31, 2023 For fans who want to make their last memories together. can leave messages to give to Fumi Howsu together atthis link

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