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FW Esports’ VALORANT has been terminated with key players Killua and Teerapong and new team predictions!!


Thursday, December 15, 2022, 5:27 p.m. 57 p.m., Indochina time.

Great changes have already occurred. when the subordinate FW Esports Has announced the release of two main players of the team. VALORANT at Killua and Teerapong Leaving the team, the agency has revealed that the player has paid a tear off contract to pull him to join another agency. Therefore, in the year 2023 Prepare to see two players come out to shine again for a certain team.

Although there is no definite announcement that the two will join any team. But to speculate, there is a possibility that the two will be drawn to join the agency. FULL SENSE Which is now having bad news about two key players JohnOlsen and LAMMYSNAX with flashing signs that he was about to decide to hang up as a racer to work as Streamer full body



and if it is true that the coming of Killua and Teerapong It will be something that fits perfectly. because of the team FULL SENSE has a main player Aprinya enter as IGL which used to be a member for FW Esports before and getting old teammates to join the team may cause the team to not have to adapt much, including the way Killua I used to take the position Duelist before and way Teerapong I used to be a player in the position Initiator before, thus making it possible to replace the previous two players of FULL SENSE exactly enough

In the end, we have to wait and follow each other that way. FULL SENSE Will the announcement come out exactly as expected or not? FW Esports also revealed that

next year prepare to meet Line Up new set

Therefore, it is one thing that gives us peace of mind that the agency continues to move forward with the game. VALORANT And can say that next year’s competition must have a lot of fun things coming out for sure. Which must continue to wait and follow each other

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