As the rise in India’s ban on China’s apps continues, PUBG Mobile recently became one of the victims of the famous Battle Royale game. And another smartphone Fight Real is seeking, by adding the Indian super star Hrithik Roshan as a game character, to grab the giant market that PUBG Mobile left behind in India.

Garena’s Free Fire is a smartphone game similar to PUBG, enabling players to drop on a map with 49 other players and be the last guy to stay on. However, in comparison to PUBG Mobile, players have various forms of “super survival skill” to choose from a list of characters in the game.

Today, Free Fire has recently revealed that it is in collaboration with Krrish actor to launch a new in-game initiative, ‘Be the Hero,’ which is being released in Singapore. This campaign requires players to select the “Jai” character of Hritik, the first Indian character to be played.

“I’m so excited to be a Free Fire Universe member, and my official avatar, Jai, developed by the team is so awesome. In a tweet, Roshan said, I hope all the players appreciate this special experience.

Garena’s Free Fire intends to grab the gaming audience of the Indians with more Indian content to be focused on the app with PUBG Mobile from the indian industry. But the rivalry will be challenging with the launch of the latest “Fau-G” title.

“We believe in localization power at Garena. We want to reiterate our dedication to create unforgettable experience for the players here, by giving our gaming community in India the rare opportunity to become one of India’s most recognised stars, “said Harold Teo the producer of the game.

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