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Genshin Imapct Summer event details Secret Summer Paradise Give away free skins and more Primogems!


Friday, July 7, 2023, 6:57:06 PM, Indochina time

before Genshin Impact An exciting version 4.0 update will be coming. We still have fun summer activities that come around every year, and this year 2023, version 3.8, there are cool activities with many interesting prizes waiting for Tewad people. Including the new skins of Klee and Kaeya that many people have been waiting for.

By this year Genshin Summer, he took the name. “Secret Summer Paradise Summer! theme park? Secret Magical Land!” As honored knights along with Kaeya, we have to act as nannies to take young Klee who receives a miraculous invitation from Alice’s mother to go on a trip to Sumeru, where he meets Eula and Collei who talk about it. Jian to make wishes come true “Veluyriam Mirage, Land of Illusory Mirrors” A forest land in a glass bottle full of alluring things.

Of course, the event will also come with fun mini-games that will give reward items and event-exclusive currency Phenocrysts to redeem for a variety of rewards such as Primogems, Crown of Insight, Mora, to 4-star character Layla.

There will also be Joyeux Vouchers that all players can earn by exploring the Illusory Lands and participating in the summer event. which can be redeemed for free Primogems and Kaeya skins. “Shadow Wind” Which will be officially available on the store again with the version 4.0 update for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

and super cute skins Klee’s “Blossoming Starlight Showcase” which has been available on the store permanently since v3.8 for a limited-time discounted price of 1,350 Genesis Crystals before going up to the full price of 1,680 Genesis Crystals after the special period ends.

Okay, anyone who wants items, prizes, good things, free giveaways, this event cannot be missed. Let’s go play quickly, Taewad people!

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