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Genshin Impact released a direct sales trailer of Alhaitham, the handsome wood element that will hold the hearts of boys and girls in fists.


Thursday, January 12, 2023, 2:53:59 PM, Indochina time

Open a handsome example for trailer new direct sales Genshin Impact This time it will be one of the characters that many people have been waiting for. Al Haidham Comes with a cool look that will pull the hearts of girls and boys to make their hearts dance.

for Al Haidham is one of the key characters in the main storyline. Sumeru Which is not just a handsome face. but also with full intelligence In terms of fighting Al Haidham He also possessed excellent sword skills and was one of the possessors of wood elemental visions.

for the first ability Al Haidham It will be named Universality: Complexity of Forms

  • will attack forward and deals wood damage to enemies.
  • You can press and hold to aim.

After using the ability you will get Chisel-Light Glass up 1 which are detailed as follows:

  • can be accumulated up to 3 an
  • while there Chisel-Light Glass STAY Basic Attack, Charged Attack and the attack plunged down from the air of Al Haidham will change to wood damage but cannot be stacked with other elements
  • Chisel-Light Glass Deals a wide area attack on enemies.
  • Chisel-Light Glass will have a limited time and will disappear over time, but if Al Haidham Leaving the field, all such abilities will disappear immediately.

for the side of the deadly move Al Haidham It will be named Specialized branch: Fetters of Phenomena

  • Creates a small field and deals beam damage to enemies in an area.
  • which when used Specialized branch: Fetters of Phenomena will delete Chisel-Light Glass with all forUsed to deal additional damage.
  • But if none or only two (maximum 3) will result. Chisel-Light Glass Replaces from 3 / 2 / 1 and can be used to attack or use. Specialized branch: Fetters of Phenomena to inflict damage on enemies
  • But if using Specialized branch: Fetters of Phenomena when there is Chisel-Light Glass all 3 which will not be refundedin any way

Finally, the character Al Haidham will enter the game officially January 18th, whichwill come along Xiao and Yao Yao For those who are looking for a wood-elemental character that damages, it is considered Al Haidham is another character that answers a lot of questions But for those who have no capital or first time Not ready, can wait for the team to pick up a new run in the future as well


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