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Genshin Impact Sculpting Guidelines Kaedehara Kazuha God Wind Element Wandering Samurai of Inazuma


Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 4:55:59 PM, Indochina time.

One of the characters that has been continuously popular, has always been on the Tier List SS level, and many people want to have it on their ID. young wandering samurai “Kaedehara Hazuha” Wind elemental vision users who re-run again in v3.7 halfway through today we’re going to take everyone to see how. What are the best ways to sculpt Kazuha?

Kaedehara Kazuha It is a wind element character that works great. Can be played in both primary DPS or secondary DPS with the ability to jump, gather monsters together and dash down to deal up to 2 damage. The skill has a short cooldown time. And can give a good elemental damage buff to the party, making Kazuha a character that the Gacha people shouldn’t miss to turn on!

The most popular position that is used is Sup DPS. Because of Kazuha being the best main DPS only when constellations are unlocked. Constellation level 6 and sure enough. As for the skill, it will focus on raising the level of the ultimate move (Element Burst) first. Followed by an emphasis on active skills (Element Skill) and normal attacks (Normal Attack) is the last.

The Best Artifacts for Kazuha

Green Friday Set 4

2-Piece: Gain 15% bonus Wind Damage.
4-Piece: Increases splash damage by 60% depending on the type of splash element. Reduces the elemental resistance of the affected enemy by 40% for 10s.

main stat
Clock: Energy Recharge or Elemental Mastery.
Cup: Elemental Mastery
Crown: Elemental Mastery

Secondary stats

Energy Recharge

Elemental Mastery

Attack Power % (ATK%)

critical damage

Critical Rate

As for Kazuha, as a sub-DPS, it focuses on dealing strong solo and group damage. It should have around 170% elemental energy regeneration to fully increase your party’s damage buff.

Best weapon for Kazuha

freedom swear

Increases damage dealt by 10%. When equipped character triggers an elemental reaction, gains 1 Sigil of Rebellion. Occurs once every 0.5 seconds, and can still be obtained even if the character is not on the team. in the fight

When 2 Sigils are consumed, all are used to apply the Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance effect to all nearby allied characters for 12 seconds: Basic Attack Damage, Charged Attack, Dash Attack. Increase by 16%, ATK by 20% Buff effects of the same type cannot stack.

Xiphos Moonlight

Every 10 seconds, the following effects occur: Each elemental mastery of the user. Increases this character’s elemental energy regeneration efficiency by 0.036% for 12s, and for the same time, nearby allied characters. 30% of elemental energy of that effect will be restored. This effect is caused by multiple pieces of the same weapon. can overlap And it can happen even if the character is on the team. but did not join the fight

Favonias Sword

When critical hit, has a 60% chance to create an elemental atom that can be used to heal. 6 elemental energy can be used by this effect. Once every 12 seconds

The best team for Kazuha

Vaporize Team

Freeze team

And this is the best information for making Kaedehara Kazuha that friends of the Tewad people can use as they please.

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