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good sound and ample autonomy


Get some wireless headphones for less than 10 euros taking advantage of the offer that these Lenovo stars.

These brand headphones are free for 7 euros: good sound and wide autonomy
These cheap wireless headphones have a beautiful and comfortable design, correct sound quality, and hours and hours of autonomy.

Wireless headphones are very useful and comfortable devices, they allow you to enjoy any audio content in private, forgetting about the inconvenience caused by cables. if you’re looking for cheap wireless headphones For basic use, the Lenovo HT38 They are knocking on your door. Its original sale price exceeds 20 euros, but now you can buy them on AliExpress for only 7 eurosa scandalous price.

These Lenovo HT38 have a design that reminds us of the AirPods Pro of Appleson beautiful and also very comfortable. They have one correct sound quality, wide autonomy and you can connect them to your mobile, your tablet, your smart TV and many other devices via Bluetooth. They are only worth 7 euros, so they are a great option if you are looking for wireless headphones for basic use or as a secondary optionthat way it won’t hurt too much if you lose them or they get damaged.

In addition to a great price, AliExpress offers you free shipping homegiving you a discount coupon of 3 euros if the headphones arrive later than expected. These Lenovo HT38 are also for sale in Amazonbut there its price is 23.90 euros. As you see, in AliExpress they are much cheaper.

Lenovo HT38

Buy the Lenovo HT38 at the best price

The Lenovo HT38 are available in black and in whiteyou choose the model that you like the most. Whatever it is, you will enjoy a comfortable user experience, as they are headphones light and compact. The same features are present in the charging case, also very comfortable to transport. By the way, the headphones are resistant to water dropsnothing will happen to use them outdoors.

The sound quality of these Lenovo headphones is correctenough for listen to music, audio WhatsApppodcasts or series. According to the manufacturer, it is equipped with 13-millimeter dynamic drivers that are what allow this good sound. By having a low latencyYou can also use them to play games, the delay between the image and the audio will be minimal.

The Lenovo HT38 have connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 and wide compatibility with the other devices. You can connect them without problems to your smartphone, your tablet and even your smart watch -if it allows it-. In addition, that Bluetooth 5.0 also ensures that you will enjoy a good connection quality, and you will even be able to move a few meters away from the device to which they are paired.

By using them, you can also take advantage of your touch controlslocated on the inside of each pin. With them you can stop playback, change the song or accept calls with just one touch. Yes you can answer phone calls and communicate without problems thanks to the microphone that the wireless helmets equip.

Lenovo HT38

Finally, with the Lenovo HT38 you can listen to music for several hours without having to go through the charger. On the one hand, the headphones promise about 4-5 hours of use on a single charge. If the charging case is used, the autonomy can be multiplied remarkably, easily exceeding 10 hours. You will find the cable you need to charge the case in the box itself.

In short, the Lenovo HT38 are simple headphones for those looking for basic quality or a secondary option that they may have at home or in their backpack to get out of trouble. Its price It currently falls to 7 euros on AliExpressa real bargain.

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