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Google Chrome debuts a useful new feature


Google Chrome just released a feature that will detect typos in URLs and recommend websites based on corrections.

Google Chrome debuts a useful new feature
Thanks to the new function of Google Chrome you will always find the web you are looking for, even if you do not write its name correctly

On the occasion of Global Accessibility Awareness Day held yesterdaysome of the world’s big tech corporations announced accessibility news and so, for example, Samsung updated its latest wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with an improved ambient sound mode.

But the Korean company was not the only one to present improvements in this regard, since Google also published an entry on his official blog in which he revealed its new accessibility featuresamong which the update of Google Chrome scam the inclusion of a typographical error detection tool.

With Google Chrome you will always find the web you are looking for

Google has just announced that its web browser, Google Chrome, has been updated with a new accessibility feature that will take care of detect typos in URLs and suggest websites based on those corrections.

According to the Mountain View company, this new Chrome functionality “increases accessibility for people with dyslexia, language students, and anyone who makes typosas it makes it easier to access previously visited websites despite misspellings.”

Google has confirmed that this new typo detector is now available on the desktop version of Chrome and that Coming to mobile apps in the coming months.

Likewise, the American giant has also announced that the Live Caption function, a feature that provides you with real-time subtitles “for anything with sound”, is coming to Android tablets using a subtitle box and has started to support French, Italian, and German on Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 and other Android devices.

Finally, Google has revealed that Wear OS 4 will feature two new sound and display modes and that Google Maps will indicate you with an icon of a wheelchair the places that are accessible with these.

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