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Google could shut down some of its craziest projects


The big bets of Alphabet (and Google by extension) could be other very soon: some are going to close and the new star will be… Technology for health!

Curves in 2023: Google could close some of its craziest projects

No one is going to be surprised by this news, because by now we all know that most of Tech giants are undergoing major restructuring at a strategic and business level, in some cases studying and reassessing in which baskets and in which projects to put your resources to optimize them.

Google is not free, if it had already announced the closure of Stadia along with modifications in other departmentsnow we announces more hand movements of its parent company Alphabetwhich is reviewing its most curious, innovative and strange projects for modify your approach and work on more serious bets and of future.

Google autonomous car

Some of Google’s weirdest projects could be hanging in the balance.

Our colleagues told us Android Policewho reported that some of the alphabet X projects Like the autonomous taxis or the drone automated delivery systems could be on the tightrope to give way to new research and development options in drug discovery and other technology approaches applied to health.

And it is not for less the need to restructure Alphabet X, since the reports reveal that Between the eleven crazy projects of this department, about 30,000 million dollars have been lost. to date, with figures of about 4,500 million dollars in negative only in the first three quarters of 2022.

Stadia was only the beginning: Google plans to cut more departments

This is something that investors don’t like itespecially in a scenario like the current one, which would be increasing the pressure on the leaders of Alphabet to change the approach and closing risky bets of unconventional technology to move to products that have a better future and the possibility of generating profits.

It seems that research related to health and medical care are among the new interests of the leadership of Alphabet and Google, starting with the calico biotech company which is part of the conglomerate, and which researches ways to combat aging and prevent age-related diseases and problems. It should be noted that Calico already has two cancer drugs and one more that tries to prevent ALS in various stages of clinical trials.

other company like Verily has also received a boost after several agreements related to the detection of COVID-19 and the Pfizer vaccine monitoring in inoculated patients to test their results.

We do not know for now what movements Alphabet will make official in the coming months, but its X incubator is immersed in a deep review of the projects to keep only those that have options and future business viability.

Obviously we don’t know what will happen yet with all the projectsbut some of dubious application as happened with the Loon balloons may turn off the lights very soon, something that will call into question the situation of the Alphabet X incubator templates, whose figures would be around 700 employees.

maybe some projects don’t disappear but do come out of the Alphabet umbrella as Waymo did at the time, continuing as an independent company, although it remains to be seen what will happen to all these projects and what strategies will follow strategic projects like DeepMind, Google Fiber and the aforementioned Calico and Verily.

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