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Google has an AI that writes news in seconds

Google has an AI that writes news in seconds


I don’t know if I’m entirely comfortable writing this note, but Google claims that this is just an AI-powered personal assistant for journalists and copywriters.

Journalists, editors, copywriters... pay attention everyone: Google has an AI that writes news in seconds
Apparently this new tool would be unrelated to Google Bard, focusing on being an AI assistant for editors.

We already knew that the chatbot with AI they were going to suppose a revolution for many industries, although the truth is that the utility and reliability as professional tools of ChatGPT either google bardamong others, is still in question for its training failures and their primary stages of development that involve review and subsequent verification of the texts by a human.

Perhaps for this reason, journalists, editors and editors we can feel a bit safe still though Google already has an AI designed specifically for this type of professional that aims to help us write news in a matter of seconds.

We are not yet fully aware of the implications that conversational AI will have on how we inform ourselves, but Google wants to help journalists and editors to be more efficient and productive with an intelligent assistant that writes news in seconds.

The idea, as our classmates told us android authority, It is not a substitute for the work of the professional in questionbut serve as an intelligent assistant to help you be more productive and perform higher value tasks how to search for information, contrast it more effectively, offer opinion and analysis by extending the articles, and not just writing the news itself.

The solution, in fact, is different and totally independent from Google Bardthe generative AI of the Mountain View giant, which to this project calls you internally ‘Genesis’ No news for now of a final landing.

The Californian company, yes, has already presented this tool to some media as important as The New York Times, The Washington Post or News Corp in the United States, leaving journalists with an uneasy feeling after listening to the promotional speech.

At least, one of the sentences was hopeful for a future not dominated by trainable AIs:

In short, these tools are not intended to and cannot replace the essential role that journalists play in reporting, creating and verifying their stories.

What this AI can do is take notes and inputs, event details and information from various sources to automatically generate content, presenting itself as a “responsible tool” who will act as personal assistant to journalists when writing their articles, being able to concentrate on more important things and removing the feeling of blank paper which many do not like.

Google says its solution is more competent than other generative tools, because It has been specifically designed for this.being able to provide options for headlines or offer other writing styles for articles written by the journalist, who will thus be able to better check and review their work.

Google itself reassured everyone with a cheepfor the efforts apparently they do not focus on changing the industry but on making it more productive and resourcefulproviding the ability for smaller publishers to save time on tedious tasks.

You see that they directly compare the generative possibilities integrated into Gmail or Google Docsalthough in this case we are obviously talking about a completely different jobwhose purpose (write) is exactly stepped on with the functionalities that this AI has.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the chatbot conversational we know have proven unreliable when it comes to presenting facts with precision, adding this to the fact that its originality is not always too goodwell sometimes they plagiarize themselves Being able to make all the journalists who use them end up publishing exactly the same texts.

This has made an editor is always needed to review and issue corrections in most AI-generated articles, so it’s not clear how Google has improved ‘Genesis’ to avoid all these problems. Understood as an additional tool to give us witty headlines or help us start an article without feeling blank paper I see it perfect not so to replace 100% the work of a human professional well trained and qualified.


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