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Google has cut costs as much as possible with the Pixel Fold and this video shows it


A complete disassembly video of the Google Pixel Fold shows that this is a device in which Google has cut as many costs as possible, which is very negative for the user.

Google has cut costs as much as possible with the Pixel Fold and this video shows it
The Pixel Fold, Google’s foldable.

The Google Pixel Fold They were officially presented last May and, since then, they have had time to be a real headache for users… and for Google itself. Not only is it very difficult to buy one but also, to prevent the price of the phone from skyrocketing, they have had to cut costs where they can.

This has been made clear by a video posted by JerryRigEverythingfamous for “torturing” the main smartphones of today to see how far they can last and see how repairable they are. And it must be said that he has not only discovered a few cuts in the terminal, but also that it is not very durable to say.

The fragility of the Pixel Fold (and more) exposed

The reviews that can be read on the net about the Pixel Fold they don’t leave it exactly right. Many specialists find that despite having an excellent camerathis quality does not redeem weaknesses that the terminal has. That, according to what can be seen in the video on these lines, there are not exactly few.

The tests carried out by the youtuber show that, if the folding ones are already famous for producing a certain sensation of fragility (as we already commented in our review of the Galaxy Z Fold 4), in the Pixel Fold this is amplified and justifiably. In the video above we find a complete disassembly, which exposes the intimacies of the Google foldable.

Let’s start at the beginning: the device edge frame It’s aluminum and not stainless steel.. According to the youtuber, this explains why the phone bends in a way unrelated to its gimmick when subjected to high pressure. This would also have had to do with a decision to “slim” the phone as much as possible.

Obviously, malleing aluminum is cheaper than doing the same with stainless steel. Taking into account that the concerns of the folding public is that the devices last whole, the logical thing would have been not to cut costs here and to put an aluminum frame.

But there is more: the water resistance method used by Google is a hard plastic material which has nothing to do with the elastic compound seen in Samsung foldables, for example. This hard plastic, while also cheaper, is more prone to breakage than that of the Koreans.

It is worth noting that this it is a very expensive device that Google is selling as an alternative to the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip series, which are about to enter their fifth generation and which seem to be bringing big improvements with them.

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