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GTA Online Reveals Bonuses, 3x Rewards and More for This Week


Monday, January 9, 2023, 4:07:03 PM, Indochina time

grand theft auto online Has revealed details about weekly bonuses and privileges. Players can take advantage of the opportunities available this week to earn special items and GTA$

recently gta online It has been updated with new missions and tasks for players to complete by Los Santos Drug War Vehicles, clothes, quality of life improvements have been added. and ability to use acid lab New weekly updates bring huge bonuses to players. as well as other modes and missions for this content.

update gta online A lot of them involve earning additional bonuses and perks through completing missions and tasks. Players can receive GTA$ and R.P.A.P. Get 2x from missions first dose A total of 6 missions released with the update. Los Santos Drug War by mission stupidity of Los Santos Drug War Special rewards will also be given.

There is also a mode gta online Several other modes that offer weekly bonuses. playing events and Challenges in Free Mode will reward the player 3 times the GTA$ and R.P.A.P. Normal In addition safety contract safe and Issi classic race will reward the player twice the GTA$ and R.P.A.P. and in part special warehouse Employees will be able to source items 50% faster.

This week is the last chance players get all that. gta online presents during the holiday season Kush coming out will be able to unlock the mask Kush gain and destruction snowman A total of 25 players will receive a set. snowman In addition, players will receive Pistol WM 29 and End of Season’s Greetings for MK 2 pistol when destroying a target in Wiesel Plaza succeed

grand theft auto online Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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