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Head Strike v0.8.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Points, Tokens, Gold) Download


If you choose to play in this football game, you’ll have a fun and different time. Players can join the game, play football with their friends, and compete for the title of best Head Striker in the world.

In Head Strike, football games are played one-on-one and are quick but rough. The game is over in a very short amount of time, between one and two minutes. The players compete against each other in a one-on-one football battle with the characters they control. Each character has its own set of skills. This means that, in addition to winning the football game, our main goal is to use our skills to get rid of the other team.


There are no rules for football at all. In truth, the score is the most important rule. You have to use any advantage you have, even if it gives your opponents an unfair advantage, as long as you score and win. The players have a wide range of weapons, armor, and skills to choose from. You can get more points if you keep your opponent from moving.


You should make them go through a series of funny cartoon deaths to kill an enemy. The fatality skills are like a metaphor for how a match ends. You can use them to make things brighter as long as you have earned them. You can use the fact that each character has one by unlocking them in the shop and then using their powers.


Try your best to be the best you can be! After winning a few games in a row, you’ll finally have enough points to unlock the achievement. Trophies are available. Then, players will have to work their way up the rankings to get access to new skills, places, and characters.

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