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Hideo Kojima reveals Death Stranding 2 won’t be a ‘normal’ sequel and promises it will give players a ‘new’ feel


Tuesday, December 20, 2022, 9:12:10 p.m. Indochina time

recently Hideo Kojima came out to mention Death Stranding 2 that is different from Death Stranding How is the first part

Death Stranding The first part was a unique game. It is a game that combines action with parcel delivery. Although the movie-style narrative of Kojima and the main actor Norman Reedus Including other actors will also return, but it is unclear if the experience of the game. Death Stranding 2 How will it differ from the first part?

The biggest revelation from the announcement of Death Stranding 2 at the event The Game Awards 2022 is the lead character Sam will return in the sequel That’s not a spoiler. Death Stranding The first installment, however, reflects the strange continuity of the series, the exciting story and setting of Death Stranding 2 and the challenges involved in bringing the main actors like Norman Reedus return

When it comes to podcasts Brain Structure his Kojima was asked about the role of Sam in Death Stranding 2 side Kojima has used this topic to separate into a broader topic on the connection between Death Stranding and Death Stranding 2

Kojima Explain that “To attract those who didn’t play the first game. I have given this game a touch of the past. But it’s new too.” It is possible that the event Sam met in Death Stranding are referenced loosely or in a manner that has a limited impact on the story of Death Stranding 2

That’s not the only issue. Kojima talk about Death Stranding and Death Stranding 2 when talking about Death Stranding 2 side Kojima Say that technology has made great progress in the past three years. and because the idea “impossible” before it is possible now way Kojima Productions therefore have “challenge” very much for this reason Kojima therefore explained that Death Stranding 2 will “Not just an ordinary sequel.”

Death Stranding 2 In development for PlayStation 5

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