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historic crash for these high-fidelity wireless headphones


The Mashall firm has been a specialist in high-end sound since its inception.

From 130 to 45 euros: historic collapse for these high-fidelity wireless headphones
The Marshall Minor III have a special design and a sound of ten in all the music you listen to.

There are certain headphone manufacturers that we all recognize as good, whose products are always going to have that extra point of quality. Some of these firms are Bose, Sony, Sennheiser or JBL. But there are many sometimes within reach of a few pockets like Marshall, specialized in professional sound, which now stands out and reaches your pocket with a huge offer of its Marshall Minor III.

Today you can be yours these fantastic wireless headphones for about 129.99 45eurosno coupons or anything else, when in Amazon They do not fall below 129.99 euros. Inside Marshall’s catalog of speakers, amplifiers and headphones they are the smallest and, at the same time, the most attractive. His design shows that they put a lot of care into their products and its sound quality is beyond doubt.

Marshall Minor III

Buy high-end headphones at a very low price

Use of Marshall Minor III

Its design is fantastic and its materials are very good and resistant.

In the box of these Marshall Minor III we get the headphones themselves, a USB-C cable to charge them and the case where you can recharge their energy and let them rest. Are some premium headphonesMade of very resistant polycarbonate. They are of the in-ear type, they weigh only 4 grams each and they are waterproof with IPX4 certification. There is only one version in black colorcharacteristic of the Marshall signature in all its products.

The dynamic drivers of these Marshall Minor III are 12mmlarger than the vast majority of headphones of this type on the market. This will give us a much wider and more natural sound in everything (music, movies and calls). They work with connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 Low power consumption and minimal latency. They are able to process SBC and aptX audio codecsso we will have a sound quality three times higher than that offered by Spotify in its app.

If you want professional sound, don’t hesitate, Marshall is your ally.

we will have some 25 hours of autonomy with the case. Only headphones will give us 5 hours of use in calls and music. We have fast charge of the headphones, with only 15 minutes inside the case we will have 1.5 hours of extra use. The charging time, from 0 to 100% for the headphones is 1.5 hours and for the case by the USB-C port it is 2 hours. We can also use its wireless charging function on a base.

Both headphones have touch functions. We will be able to control music and calls in both ears at all times, even videos. The noise cancellation they have is not active, they don’t isolate you at allbut they get pretty good passive isolation. They are very similar in shape to the 2nd generation AirPods and many others, but with the engraving characteristic of these Marshall Minor III and a bronze finish on the bottom that falls in love

Marshall Minor III

The chip that controls everything inside these Marshalls is so smart that you won’t have to touch or set any equalizer, they just detect the type of sound or music and adapt to offer you the best possible quality. If you were looking for headphones with a good sound, clear calls, tactile, with a differential design and with good autonomy, these Marshall Minor III are your next purchase.

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