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Home Sweet Home : Online Preparing to open the game on June 1, ready to introduce a new enemy “Rate” with great abilities!


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 10:59 PM 24 PM, Indochina time.

After a few weeks before 4 gamers had the opportunity to present about Major changes to the game survival Thai craftsmanship home sweet home online Both system modifications and other interesting details can be accessed to read more details atthis article

until a few days ago on the fan page of Home Sweet Home : Game Has announced the release of the game to be played in June 1, 2023 By the way, the author assumes that it should be played during the system test before it actually opens. Including allowing players to test various bugs to fix them before actually opening.

Most recently, a few days ago on the fan page of Home Sweet Home : Game has announced the launch of a new hunter preparing to leap into the nucleus It will be a character ” Night ” which is one of the main enemies of the main game. Home Sweet Home EP2 greatly

The character ” Ratree ” will have abilities that can be called “quite good” and should make the chased frightened, whether it is

  • Strangle – will strangle visitors Ready to deal approx. 20 unit
  • flashes – Dashes forward according to lost stamina and slows night movement speed. 300 unit
  • model – Create the highest dancing puppet. 7 and will allow Night to be able to move to a position in the puppet’s spot. The puppet can be destroyed by praying and attacking with weapons. But after the robot is destroyed, it will notify the night of its location.
  • Grave wax – When activated, walk closer to the visitor. Will not alert enemies for a time. 25 second

But that’s not all. Because in the past on the fan page of Home Sweet Home : Game There has also been a slight reveal of new characters to watch, whether

  • A mysterious young man who many people suspect may be Dew, Tim’s friend. Main character from the game a warm home
  • A new girl as a visitor to her daughter
  • new hunter Kamiko

Finally, for those who are interested in trying to play. Home Sweet Home : Online can press wishlist in advance below.

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