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Honkai: Star Rail, the latest code, give away free diamonds in the end that you absolutely cannot miss !!


Friday, June 30, 2023 at 7:08:16 PM, Indochina time.

Honkai: Star Rail has released a new patch for Honkai: Star Rail that introduces a new Honkai: Star Rail character, Luocha. The 3rd healer position of the game by the good old man Luocha is considered another Honkai: Star Rail character that many people have been waiting for. Because his abilities are better than just bringing healing to the Honkai: Star Rail characters in our team.

and miHoYo or HoYoverse welcomes the arrival of Honkai: Star Rail, a new character, Luocha, by giving away free diamond codes for Honkai: Star Rail, allowing players to bring diamonds to randomly draw Honkai: Star Rail to find Luocha to decorate their prestige ID. own

This Honkai: Star Rail redeem code can be redeemed to get free Honkai: Star Rail diamonds instantly without any conditions. It is distributed through Honkai Star Rail 1.1 livestream codes. Players can redeem the Honkai: Star Rail code. This newest can be added immediately via the website of the game Honkai: Star Rail or via Redeem system. Redeem code within the game.

Latest Honkai: Star Rail redeem code

  • starral gift

As for how to top up the Honkai: Star Rail code through the game website, Honkai: Star Rail redeem code can be topped up at (this link) And another way to add Honkai: Star Rail code in game, go to the top left menu and press the button . 3 dots as shown in the image below, there will be a menu window pop up for us to select redeem code and then enter Honkai code: Star Rail can go down.

If a new Honkai: Star Rail redeem code comes to us, we will update it immediately. Because of course, if it’s famous for free stuff and it’s Honkai: Star Rail free diamonds, everyone is waiting and loving them. By waiting to follow the news from miHoYo or HoYoverse.

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