Home Tech How to calibrate the Fire TV image on any television

How to calibrate the Fire TV image on any television

How to calibrate the Fire TV image on any television


Here’s how to calibrate the picture on Fire TV no matter which TV you’re using. Say goodbye to display problems!

How to calibrate the Fire TV image on any television
The Fire TV has a tool to calibrate the image.

Having trouble framing your Fire TV image? If you have already tried all the solutions like changing the HDMI cable or restarting the device, you still have one option left. We mean using the image calibration tool which is included in the device settings. You won’t have to install anything. Here we tell you how to do it step by step.

How to calibrate the image of Fire TV step by step

In advance we tell you that this trick works for you with any television. Also, you can carry out every time you connect the device to a new TV. With calibration you can enjoy an improved user experience for content from your favorite applications, such as hbo max either Netflix.

What we tell you in this guide will help you in the following cases:

  • You see black stripes on the edges of the TV. It is not normal and should not happen. The fact that there are dark areas on the sides can be an indication that the image is not well framed.
  • The image looks somewhat distorted. This can also happen because the device is not knowing how to adapt to the dimensions of the television.
  • Have you changed your TV recently?. Another case in which you may need to go to this official tool is when you change the Fire TV from one television to another. The normal thing is that the device adapts to the new panel, to its resolution and dimensions. However, due to an error, it may not be able to do it correctly.
Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire TV Stick can cause problems when switching from one TV to another. Therefore, it is good to know what are the calibration options offered

If you have found yourself in any of these situations, do the following:

  1. Open the Fire TV settings. You do it by going to the main menu of the interface and clicking on Setting.
  2. In the grid where you can see all the parameters, locate the section screen and sound.
  3. Then press on Screen.
  4. Find the section Calibrate screen and enter it by pressing the central button of the remote.
  5. Using the arrow keys on the remote, adjust the pan and scale of the display so that the image fits correctly on your TV.

Additionally, it is also possible to change other parameters to adjust the display to your needs or to the characteristics of the television:

  • change resolution. Manually adjust the resolution of the image to correctly adapt it to the panel of your television. As it already happens with the calibration, the logical thing is that the Fire TV adapts automatically and chooses the most convenient option.
  • color format. Includes adjustments to improve the display in relation to the colors of the image.
  • HDR settings. Take full advantage of high dynamic range technology, if available on your device.
How to calibrate the Fire TV image on any television

Some more advanced devices, like the Fire TV Cube, may come with more customization and image adjustment options.

Please note that these settings may vary. depending on Fire TV model that you have and of the updates you have installed. Our advice is to take a look at all the options and tools that you have available in the system preferences, especially if you detect that something is not going as it should. Likewise, you have certain parameters related to sound that you should not ignore either.


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