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How to change the colors of Gmail step by step.


If the white of Gmail bores you, you can put any color you want.

How to change the colors of Gmail step by step
Gmail allows you to put any background color, but also to set an image

Gmail’s default layout is very simple, being limited to a white background. However, is it possible to change the color of our email and even add a background image. If you are interested in how to change the colors of Gmail, we are going to explain how to do it step by step, whether you use the PC, Android or iPhone version.

Why change the color of Gmail?

Change the color of Gmail it will only modify the aesthetics of the email, it will not alter its operation. It is true that other Gmail tricks can make our lives easierBut is not the case. The only reason to change the color is for taste, but it is true that if you use this mail service regularly, it will be more pleasant to use it by putting a color that you like.

How to change the color of Gmail on computer?

So how to change the color of Gmail on computer? The first thing you should do is Sign in to the account you are going to use. Please note that the color change will affect one account independently, not the others. This means that if, for example, you choose the color green for your email A, the color of your email B will remain unchanged.

  • From your inbox click on Settingssymbolized by a nut located in the right corner of the screen.
  • Immediately a tab called ‘Quick Settings’ will open.
  • Among all the settings, Click on Theme.
  • Only 8 themes will appear, to see more you must click on See all.
  • After clicking See all, a tab with various topics will appear. The first ones are photos, so to choose a color you must descend until the colors appear.
  • Click on the one you want to see how it looks. Choose the one that convinces you and select Save, to set that color.

How to change the color of Gmail on Android and iPhone?

Changing the color of Gmail on mobile versions works differently. The modifications that we make from the computer will not be transferred because You cannot choose any color on these devices.

On our smartphone We can only choose between 3 possibilities:

  • Clear
  • Dark
  • system default

The Light option uses white hues and black lettering, and the Dark option uses dark hues and white lettering. Finally, the third alternative, Default by the system, is different, since it modifies the appearance according to the night mode or system saving options that we have activated on the phone.

Besides, the changes affect the application, that is, all accounts. This implies that we will see all our emails in Light, Dark or Default mode by the system. The steps to follow to change the color of Gmail on mobile are the following:

  • Open the app. In the upper right corner you will see 3 lines, touch them.
  • A vertical menu will be displayed with several options, scroll all the way down to touch Settingssymbolized with a nut.
  • In Settings, all the accounts that are synchronized on your device will be displayed and above all, the ‘General settings’ option.
  • The first option on this menu is Theme. When pressed, a pop-up menu will appear with the 3 available options, choose the one you want.
This is how you change Gmail color on mobile

In Gmail you can choose between 3 types of themes: Light, Dark and Default by the system

Put your own photo in the background

Putting your own background photo is an extension of the tutorial on how to change the color in Gmail. Previously it was a simple process, in which it was enough to simply upload a photo from our computer’s hard drive. Unfortunately, it is no longer so simple, since Gmail will require us to previously upload it to Google Photos in order to select it.

This process is somewhat complex, so we are going to guide you step by step so that you can put the photo you want as the background in Gmail. For it We’ll upload a photo to a Google Photos album and then select it in Gmail.

Uploading the photo to Google Photos is possible both from a mobile phone and from a computer, but only the PC version allows you to put a background image. To show you how it is done, we have used the computer version, which is more comfortable. These are the steps to follow.

  • Logged in to Google Photos from this link.
  • Once there, check if you are logged in with the Same Google account with which you will use Gmail.
  • Tap on the up arrow icon located in the upper right corner and select a photo to upload.
  • After uploading, it will appear in the lower right corner next to the option Add to an album.
  • This step is vital you must add the photo to an album or create an album to add it.
  • Finally go back to Gmail, select Themes and click on My Photos. Enter the album you chose and select the photo you uploaded.

Other changes in Gmail

The color and background of Gmail is not the only thing that you can customize, you can also alter its structure and modify the letters.

alter structure

The Gmail structure is predefined, but we can change it. this will vary the way in which the emails are displayed or the order in which they appear both on computer and mobile.

In computers we have a greater variety of structures. To alter it, press the cogwheel Settingin the upper right corner and change the Density, Inbox Type, or Reading Pane. This alteration is not only aesthetic, it is also functional, since depending on what you choose, you will access certain emails more or less quickly, and you will even be able to remove intrusive ads from Gmail

Select Density or Type of inbox in Gmail

In Gmail you can also change the way you see emails and menus

On mobile, the most we can do is change the density of the emails, that is, if they are more or less crowded. To do this, tap on the 3 lines in the upper left corner, select Settings, then General settings and finally click on Density from the list of conversations.

different letters

You can also change the font you use. When you are composing a message on the computer, at the bottom of New Message, a small horizontal menu will be displayed from which you can change the font, use bold or increase or decrease the size of the letters.

Gmail's bottom bar allows you to change the type of email text

In the bar below the text you can change the font

The mobile version of Gmail also allows you to change the font, but this option is somewhat hidden. When you are composing a message, if you select a part of the text in thisseveral options will be displayed. One of them is Formatwhich will allow you to change the color of the text, underline it or cross it out, among other possibilities.

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