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How to change the genome with CRISPR? The new CRISPRimmunity web server will help you with this


How to change the genome with CRISPR? The new CRISPRimmunity web server will help you with this

The analysis platform from Chinese scientists allows you to study and predict important molecular events associated with genome editing.

Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences developed a unique platform analysis called CRISPRimmunity, which allows the study and prediction of important molecular events associated with CRISPR-based genome-editing systems. This is reported in the journal Nucleic Acids Research.

CRISPR is a molecular tool that can cut and paste sections of DNA in cells. This opens up enormous opportunities for the creation of new species of organisms, the treatment of hereditary diseases and the fight against infections. However, CRISPR does not work in the same way for all cell types and can cause unwanted mutations. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new approaches and regulators to improve the efficiency and safety of CRISPR.

CRISPRimmunity platform is an interactive web server that integrates various databases and algorithms to analyze and predict CRISPR-Cas and anti-CRISPR systems. CRISPR-Cas systems are complexes of proteins and RNA that provide genome editing. Anti-CRISPR are proteins that can block or regulate the action of CRISPR-Cas. Source available on GitHub.

CRISPRimmunity allows the determination of known and novel anti-CRISPR proteins, CRISPR-Cas Class II systems, CRISPR array types, and other parameters that affect CRISPR performance. The platform also provides an evolutionary perspective on the co-evolution of CRISPR-Cas and anti-CRISPR systems.

CRISPRimmunity has a high anti-CRISPR protein prediction accuracy of 0.997 compared to 99 experimentally validated Acrs and 676 non-Acrs. In addition, the platform is able to detect new CRISPR-Cas class II loci, including several previously unknown proteins with different in vitro activities.

CRISPRimmunity is an easy to use web server that is accessible to users of all levels. It offers various options for visualizing and customizing the results, as well as guides on how to use it. The NCBI database provides access to annotated data on bacteria and microorganisms in the human gut containing information on key molecular events associated with CRISPR. For computational biologists, a standalone version of CRISPRimmunity is also available on Github for bulk data analysis.

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