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How to check CenturyLink outage status online?

How to check CenturyLink outage status online?


CenturyLink users are in dismay as their Internet is not working. They struggle with their router and restart their phone or laptop, but this doesn’t yield any fruitful results. In this post, we will talk about this issue and see how to check CenturyLink’s outage status online.

Check CenturyLink outage status online

How to check CenturyLink outage status online?

There are two camps facing similar issues but with different reasons. More often than not, this issue is caused when there is some issue with the server. That is why, we need to check the CenturyLink outage status.

To do the same, we recommend using one of the free websites to check the status of CenturyLink’s server. For this demo, we will use downdetector.com, which is a free website just to do that particular task. You can enter the service name and it will give you the result. If the server is down, there is nothing you can do other than wait for the issue to be resolved.

In case, CenturyLink is not down, you are the only one facing the issue, following are the things you need to do.

  • Check if there is an outage in your area. For that, sign up for notifications to get updates. You can contact your service provider and ask them to give you the link to the portal.
  • Turn off your router, unplug all the cables, wait for a few minutes, plug the cables back, and turn the device on. This power cycles your router and clears its glitches.
  • Finally, visit dssr.centurylink.com to access their troubleshooting portal.
  • Sometimes, changing the DNS also works, you just need to switch to Google Public DNS and your issue will be resolved.

Hopefully, you will be able to resolve the issue pretty easily.

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How do I connect my CenturyLink modem after a power outage?

After a power outage, you need to reboot your modem. For that, turn off your router, unplug all your cables, wait for a minute, plug the cables, and start the router. This will do the job for you.

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How do I get CenturyLink to fix my Internet?

To get help from CenturyLink to fix your Internet, we recommend visiting buisiness.centurylink.com. On this website, their contact information is hosted. Before you should give them a call, do check the aforementioned troubleshooting tips.

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How to check CenturyLink outage status online?


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