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How to Craft, Repair & Use an Anvil in Minecraft


Minecraft is a game filled with many elements, and due to it being such a vast game, we are not even aware of some elements, let alone their importance in the game. However, there’s one such tool called Anvil that if you don’t have it some of the basics tasks will be restricted. In this article, we’ll delve into the knowledge and techniques to craft, repair, and use an Anvil in Minecraft. Irrespective of whether you are a seasoned crafter, adventurer, or just an amateur, this will improve your understanding of this tool and the game.

What is an Anvil? What does it look like?

How to Craft, Repair & Use an Anvil in Minecraft

Anvil is a utilitarian tool in Minecraft whose primary function is to repair and rename other items. Anvil is composed of several components and is black in appearance. Starting from the base block, moving on to the top base, and ending it with a horn to resemble traditional blacksmithing anvils.

As mentioned earlier, this Anvil apart from many others, has two significant tasks as one of the essential tools for customizing and repairing items in Minecraft.  It is used to restore damaged items such as weapons, armor, and tools, and to give an item a personalized name. Apart from this, gamers can use this tool to combine enchantments and map labeling.

How to craft, repair, and use an Anvil in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Anvil can be obtained via three methods, crafting it, finding it in the villages, or obtaining a damaged one from the Forge Room of a woodland mansion. However, only the crafting method is used while the latter two are not the most common ways.

The other two methods have their cons; anvils in the villages and temples are built into the structure, and can’t be added to the inventory. The players can use them but not take them anywhere. The damaged anvils from the Woodland mansions are problematic as they only function for limited timing, can’t be repaired, and can be considered a waste of resources, not worth the effort. Therefore, we are not going to take the easy route, we will create our Anvil from Iron ore and Iron Ignot with ease.

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft?

To Craft an Anvil, we have to first craft iron ingots, and iron blocks, and then at last craft an anvil. We have mentioned steps to do all that below, so, just follow them and you will be good to go.

  1. First and foremost, to create anything we need resources, so here, gamers need to have 3 Iron blocks, and 4 Iron ingots.
  2. For Iron Ingots, collect iron from the common resources, use a pickaxe to mine it, and then smelt it in a furnace or a blast furnace. Continue this until there are 31 iron ingots.
  3. Moving to Iron blocks, open the crafting table, and place the iron ingots in a 3*3 grid to make one iron block. Do the same until you have 4 iron blocks.
  4. Now, starting with the Anvil, put 3 iron blocks on the top row of the 3*3 crafting grid, and place one iron ingot in the middle.
  5. Lastly, put the remaining 3 across the bottom row.

Voila! Your anvil is ready to repair things.

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How to repair an item using the Minecraft Anvil?

Before using Anvil, it is necessary to keep in mind that repairing the item does not mean getting a new one, it has its own limitations that we’ll discuss in the latter segment. Here’s how to repair an item:

  1.  Right-click on the Anvil to open its interface. There will be two slots: left and right. On the left slot, place the item to repair.
  2. On the right side, place the material that composed the worn-out item. For example, iron ingots are made up of iron tools or armor, so we will place iron tools and armor on the right side.
  3. The anvil will consume the item and will ask you to make sure that the experience levels are suitable enough. If it is, users can drag the output item to the inventory.
  4. In a similar fashion, players can add enchantments to the tools/weapons by putting the tool on the left and the enchantment on the right.
  5. Players can also mix the enchantments by putting two enchantments on either side and adding the output enchantment to the inventory.

Hopefully, now you know how to craft, repair, and use an Anvil.

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Limitations of Anvil repairing in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, in this segment, we’ll discuss the limitations that come with repairing via Anvil. They are:

  • Items can be repaired only a limited number of times because after racing the maximum limit, it becomes too expensive for the users.
  • It is always necessary to have extra material, which in some instances is not possible, for example, a diamond tool needs a diamond to repair, and we can’t use iron ingots here.
  • Gamers can also opt for ‘mending’ enchantment, it is one of the best alternatives for an Anvil.

Now you have an idea of when to use and when not to use Anvil.

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How often does an anvil need to be repaired?

The answer to this question might be hard to digest due to the demands of the anvil, however, there’s no way to repair an anvil when they are worn out or sustained damage. This tool has limited durability, and after being used a certain number of times, it will not function anymore. Gamers will need to create a new Anvil.

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How do you make a new anvil if your old anvil breaks in Minecraft?

If the old anvil breaks down or reaches its limit, users need to create a new one. The whole process, from getting resources to crafting a new Anvil is mentioned above, so if you want to craft a new anvil, check out the aforementioned steps to do the same.

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How to Craft, Repair & Use an Anvil in Minecraft

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