Home Tech How to install the Pocket Casts app on your Wear OS smartwatch

How to install the Pocket Casts app on your Wear OS smartwatch

How to install the Pocket Casts app on your Wear OS smartwatch


We explain, step by step, how to install the Pocket Casts application on your smartwatch and how to configure it to manage all your podcasts directly from your wrist.

How to install the Pocket Casts app on your Wear OS smartwatch
The Pocket Casts app on a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Over the last few years, podcasts have gained such popularity that even music streaming services such as Spotify or Amazon Music have been encouraged to add this content to your platforms and include exclusive podcast shows on them. But if, like me, you are a regular listener of podcasts, you are going to need a good podcast app for android to manage them all and one of the best is, without a doubt, Pocket Casts.

Pocket Casts is one of the most complete podcast applications you’ll find on Android, since it allows you to subscribe to your favorite shows and sync playback across all your devicescreate personalized playlists thanks to the “Filters” function, customize the playback speed and send the audios to a Chromecast or to a device with Android Auto.

Pocket Casts was present on all devices except one, smart watches, but that is a thing of the past, since Automattic, the developer of this app, has just announced that it is now available the official Pocket Casts app for Wear OS smartwatchesalthough, for the moment, only in Beta version.

For that reason, today we come to tell you how you can install the Pocket Casts application on a smartwatch with Wear OS and enjoy your favorite podcasts without using your smartphone.

How to install and use Pocket Casts on your Wear OS smartwatch

The first thing you should know is that the Pocket Casts application for smartwatches is compatible with all versions of Wear OSwhich means that if you have a smartwatch with a version earlier than Wear OS 3 You will also be able to enjoy this podcast app.

Secondly, in order to use the Pocket Casts app on your Wear OS smartwatch you will have to meet two requirements: be registered in the Beta program of the app on Google Play and be registered in Pocket Cast Plus, the paid subscription of the podcast app that you have a price of 4.52 euros per month or 45.52 euros per year.

If you meet these two conditions, you can install the Pocket Casts application on your smartwatch simply accessing the google play store from the clocklocating the Pocket Cast application using your browser and clicking on the button install.

Once you have installed it and click on the button Openyou will be logged into your account automatically and you will see an interface that is organized into three sections, between which you can move by swiping to the left: one with the main functions of the application in which The last episode in progress will appear at the topanother with the podcast player so you can start listening to a program where you left off and a third with the default playlist from which you can start play any of the episodes present in the same.

From the main tab of the Pocket Casts app for Wear OS you will be able to access your complete collection of podcastswhich you can organize in folders from the Android app, all the episodes you have downloaded to listen offlineto the “Filters” that you have previously created, to the external audio files that you have added to the clock and to application settings.

Of course you will also be able modify playback settings for a particular episode and, for this, you only have to access the reproduction screen and touch the icon that appears in the lower left.

After pressing it, you will see a new menu from which you will be able to modify playback speed (I always listen to podcasts at 1.5X), activate and adjust silence clipping and enable volume up so no podcast is heard low.

But, without a doubt, one of the great strengths of the Pocket Casts app for Wear OS is that you will be able to use it without having to carry your smartphone with you, since it allows you to download the episodes in the memory of the watch and listen to them directly with a bluetooth headset.

To download a podcast episode from the Pocket Casts app on your watch, you simply have to search for it through the podcast menu on the main screen or the default playlist, tap on it and Click on the download icon that appears on the left side of the interface.

All the episodes you download will be stored in the section downloads of the main section and will be marked in the playlist with a green check icon.

In addition, you can enable the automatic download of all the podcasts that interest you by accessing the settings of the app and enabling the option background update.


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