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How to install Threads on your mobile even if it is not available in your country


We’ll explain how you can download and install Threads, Meta’s Twitter alternative, on your Android phone, even though it’s not yet officially available in Europe.

How to install Threads on your mobile even if it is not available in your country
The Threads app on an Android smartphone

The recent and controversial changes made to Twitter by Elon Musk such as the option to limit the number of tweets you can read per day or the obligation to have an account to be able to read tweets have caused that Meta has anticipated the arrival of Threads, its alternative to the blue bird social networkwhich was officially launched yesterday and It already accumulates more than 30 million users.

However, if you go to google play store to install it on your Android smartphone, you will see a message telling you that it is not available in your country and, for that reason, below, we are going to tell you how you can download and install Threads on your mobile in perfect Spanish and fully functional.

So you can install Threads on your mobile and start using the new Meta social network

The procedure that you must follow to install Threads on your Android smartphone is the same that you usually use when an app is not in the Play Store and it is none other than download it in APK format from a reliable source And, this time, we are going to do it from the platform we usually use, APK Mirror.

So, to download the Threads app on your mobile You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Access the APK Mirror website from this link
  • Swipe up and tap on the download icon to the right of the latest version available
  • Click on the button Download APK
  • Click on the option Discharge similar

Once the application is downloaded, you just have to display the notification panel, click on the APK file you just downloaded and touch the button install.

The initial configuration of Threads is really simple, since, if you have the Instagram app installed on your mobile, on the main screen of the new Meta app you will see a button at the bottom that will allow you to log in to Threads with your Instagram account.

After pressing this button, a window will appear with your name and your profile photo, your presentation text for the social network and the links to your blogs, which you will be able to fill in automatically by tapping on the option Import from Instagram.

Next, a privacy panel appears that tells you that, for now, you can only have a public profile in which you must click on the button Continue to move on.

In the next step of the Threads configuration process, you will see all the accounts you follow on Instagram so you can also follow them on Threads and so you can select one by one manually by clicking on the button continue that appears to the right of each of them or touch the option follow everyone located at the bottom to mark them all.

Finally, a window appears with the most relevant information on the new Instagram social network and you simply have to click on the button join threads to start using it.

Once you start using it you will see that the entire interface is in Spanish and that the application is fully usable despite the fact that, at the moment, it is not officially available in the European Union.

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