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How to know the battery status of the iPhone

How to know the battery status of the iPhone


Knowing the battery status of our iPhone is very simple thanks to the system that Apple has developed.

How to know the battery status of the iPhone
Learn to know the status of the iPhone battery

we are going to explain how to know the battery status of your iPhone. Because they are not perfect and over time they degrade and lose capacity due to the loads that we are doing to the device. That is why from time to time it is recommended check battery performance of our iPhone in case we have to resort to a change.

Apple has put a very simple system so that we can check the battery status of our iPhone, with a few simple touches in the settings app you will know the data quickly. Although we shouldn’t worry too much because it is inevitable that it deteriorates due to charging cyclesIt is a fact that never hurts to keep in mind.

How to check iPhone battery status

As we have told you, Apple makes it very easy for us to check the battery status of our iPhone. You simply have to follow the following steps:

  1. We open the app settings on our iPhone.
  2. We came in Battery.
  3. we play in battery health.
  4. We look at the data of Maximum capacity.
battery health

iPhone battery health data

What does the data mean? maximum capacity? It is a data that shows us the iPhone battery status compared to when it was new. A normal figure would be to have a percentage above 80% the first two years or a few 500 full charges. That is, when charging from 0 to 100%, or from 50 to 100% twice, etc.

Another of the methods to check the battery status of the iPhone is through the charge cycles. Now this method is already a little more complicated. Another fact to take into account is the peak throughput capacitywhich indicates the battery status of the iPhone. If at any point the device demands a lot of power and the battery fails, it might reboot. To prevent this, Apple offers an option that temporarily limits performance.

How to raise the iPhone battery health percentage

Although the battery health data is a good indicator to know the iPhone battery statusthe truth is that sometimes it is not correct and it can be corrected and, in some cases, increased. And it is that the iPhone estimates the health of the battery with certain parameters, although they are not infallible, they only give us a Approximate idea.

If you are looking for a more accurate measurement, try the following. It drains the battery until the iPhone turns off, then charges it to 100% without interruptions and with little use. Do this at least three times. This methodology provides more data for the estimationand you might notice a change in the battery health percentage.

When to change the battery of our iPhone

As you have seen, the iPhone has fairly simple systems for us to check the status of the iPhone battery. And that also means you’ll be able to let us know when you need a replacement battery.

Although the iPhone will alert us with a series of messages, it will also an indicator will appear in the battery section warning of the urgent need to change it. However, the iPhone may not perform as well prior to the appearance of these notices.

photo of an iPhone battery

It is advisable to change the battery of our iPhone when it reaches 80%

Before changing the battery, you can always follow various methods to lengthen it on a day-to-day basis, but once it reaches the 80% or less It is advisable change it. There is nothing that can be done so that the battery does not deteriorate, in the end, we charge our devices daily and the cycles add up.

In conclusion, it is important to be aware that iPhone batteries are not perfect and degrade over time due to the charges we put on them. To know the battery status of our iPhone, Apple has provided a simple system through the settings app. Checking the maximum capacity and charge cycles are useful ways to assess its performance. Although the battery health data may be approximate, you can try to improve it by performing full charge cycles.


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