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How to limit the volume of your mobile step by step


You can set the maximum volume from the settings or through an application.

How to limit the volume of your mobile step by step
If you do not want to lose hearing, limit the volume of your mobile

If you listen to music or podcasts in your day to day, you are interested in how to limit the volume of your mobile phone step by step. so you can set a maximum volume that will not be exceeded. In this way, you will protect your ears and maintain proper hearing health, something essential in order not to lose hearing.

The organizations who study damage to the ears recommend not to exceed 85 decibelsespecially for long periods of time. We can translate this to mobiles to, approximately, 70% of its maximum volumeIt depends on the device though.

How to limit the volume of your mobile

Hay two ways to limit the volume of your mobile. Some have an option to set a maximum from the settings; however, others do not count on it. In these cases, we will use an application. Depending on the possibilities of yours, we will explain what to do.

Limit volume from settings

some mobiles, as in the latest Samsung Galaxyhave one option to limit volume within settings. The steps to follow depend on the brand and model, but in most it is something similar to the following:

  • Enter the Settings app.
  • Within the settings, tap on Sound and vibration.
  • Then tap on volume limit. You may have to tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner from the screen.
  • Finally, set the maximum volume.
Tutorial on how to limit the volume of a mobile phone step by step through Settings

Check if your mobile allows you to limit the volume from the settings

The volume limiter may be somewhat hidden in other mobiles. You may have to enter the Sound Settings optionor something similar. Remember that in many cases, it is possible to set a PIN to increase the volume above the limit.

Later we will tell you what to do if you do not have this option, but some of the mobiles that do not have a volume limiter, warn that you are exceeding the threshold of what is recommended. It is not the same, but it will also help you to know when you are exceeding yourself.

Limit volume through an app

It would not be strange if your mobile does not have an option to limit the volume. In this case, we can do the same through an application designed specifically for it. There are several available on the Google Play Store, but for this tutorial, we’ve settled on Loudness Limiter because it’s easy to use and free, even if it occasionally displays ads.

Download Volume Limiter

Limiting the volume from this app is extremely simple. You just have to start it and set the maximum volume both music and ringtone. After that, leave the top switch on (blue in color). It is true that this app has other options, but with the basics you can set a maximum volume to take care of your ears.

Volume Limiter Capture

Configure the application and remember to leave the upper switch checked

Limit volume on iPhone

iPhones have a native function to limit sound. Of course, it will only allow us to limit the maximum sound when we use headphones. In any case, this will serve us well, since we will hardly routinely exceed a dangerous volume threshold when using the speakers.

To limit the volume on iPhone Do the following:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Choose sounds and vibrations.
  • Tap on Headset Safety.
  • Enable the option reduce loud sounds.

a will appear sound bar in which we will have to choose from how many decibels is limited. Above said bar an example of the noise at that level will be shown, for example, at 85 decibels it will be indicated that the sound is as loud as the noise of a traffic jam.

This tool is not available for all Apple devices, as it it was implemented as of iOS14. However, for those who have an iPhone with an older operating system, there is another alternative. Unfortunately, this alternative was only available for the Music app. If you’re interested, you can implement it like this:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Choose Music.
  • Tap on volume limit.
  • adjust the level.

Why protect your ears?

Listening to music at high volume will damage your hearing.. You may not notice it instantly, but you will eventually notice it. Due to the early use of smartphones, 1 in 5 adolescents suffer from hearing problems due to excessive exposure to noise. Experts recommend listening to a maximum volume of 85 dB. If you want to know more about hearing damage, In this article we delve deeper into it..

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