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How to make Google Maps consume less battery

How to make Google Maps consume less battery


Avoid running out of battery in the middle of the journey with these 8 tricks for Google Maps.

How to make Google Maps consume less battery
The Google app can spend too much charge without us noticing

Google Maps consumes too much battery. If you don’t want me to wear it out quickly, we’re going to teach you 8 tricks to save battery with Google Maps. In this way you can reach your destination with a good load. They are quite simple to activate, but we will also explain each one to you. You can activate all, some or just one, depending on what you need.

Limit your location permission

This app needs to know where you are to guide you to your destination. For this we must grant the location permission. However, we can give you permission to know it all the time or only while we use it. If you are one of those who use Google Maps sporadically, not to drive every day, we recommend the latter. So you will spend less energy.

For change the location to only while we use itDo the following:

  • Enter the Settings app.
  • Choose the Applications menu.
  • Tap on manage applications.
  • Find and access maps.
  • Credit location permissions and choose Allow only if app is in use.
Guide to restrict location on Google Maps

So Google Maps will only know our location when we use the app

Surely the route to Finding said command varies depending on your brand and model of mobilebut in most it is something similar. The same goes for some of the following tricks, like stopping Maps from running in the background, but don’t worry, the changes usually come down to menu names.

Prevent it from running in the background

The second trick to prevent Google Maps from consuming too much battery is to prevent it from running in the background. An app may appear to be closed, but it is actually running processesthis is the background. In the case of Maps, sometimes we are interested in restricting its activity.

As with location permissions, this has advantages and disadvantages. It is true that it will use much less energy and mobile data, but also that it will not notify us of traffic alerts or weather changes. Depends on how much you use it but if you have already limited its location permissions, it pays to restrict its background functionalitysince it will not know where you are unless you are using it.

So can prevent Maps from running in the background:

  • Enter the Settings app.
  • Choose the Applications menu.
  • Tap on manage applications.
  • Find and access maps.
  • Go into Battery saving.
  • Choose Restrict background activity (Restrict Background Apps also works.)
Screenshots showing how to make Maps not work in the background

Restrict background activity in Maps

Turn on dark mode

One of the smartest actions to save battery is to activate the dark mode. If your mobile has an OLED or AMOLED screen, when a part of the screen is black, the pixels in that area will turn off. This implies that your device will use less battery, since it will not need to illuminate all the pixels. If you are interested in knowing all the types of screens, Here we explain the differences between AMOLED, OLED and the others.

Activate the dark mode of Google Maps:

  • Go into google maps.
  • Click on settings.
  • Choose He.
  • Choose always dark theme.
Screenshots showing how to enable dark mode on Google Maps

The dark mode of Google Maps will be useful if your screen is OLED or AMOLED

remove widgets

Widgets are small programs that are usually part of an application. We can recognize them because they occupy a portion of the home screen and are not app icons. They give us information about the weather, a music bar or, as with Google Maps, information about nearby streets and adjacent traffic.

The thing is, widgets drain battery and are running all the time, so removing them saves a respectable amount of charge. Enough with hold it down to bring up the option to delete it. In the event that you cannot remove it like this, which is normal, enter the Settings application and select Widgets, where you can do so.

Update Google Maps

It’s not usually common, but sometimes a version of an application works in a faulty way, such as using too much battery. By updating it you can fix it. To do this, go to the Play Store or App Store, depending on whether you have Android or iPhone, and check if there is an update available.

Google Maps portal in Play Store

Google Maps portal on the App Store

Install Go version

On your mobile you have Google Maps, the normal version that we all know, but there is another, called Google Maps Go. This one has fewer features but also uses less battery. It was designed to be downloaded to low-end smartphones, which are abundant in developing countries, but has spread to the rest of the world due to its lower energy, storage and performance costs.

Download Google Maps Go

Wipe cache

Clear the Maps cache it will not save battery, but it will free up storage space on the mobile. This implies that it will perform better, and thus, indirectly, it will have to consume less load to work. delete cache It’s not something that needs to be done constantly, as the app you remove it from will run slower. However, this is temporary, until a new cache is formed.

Steps for clear google maps cache:

  • Enter the Settings app.
  • Choose the Applications menu.
  • Tap on manage applications.
  • Find and access maps.
  • Click on clear cache (may appear as Clean Data, or a similar term.)
Guide on how to clear the cache in Google Maps

Clearing the cache saves battery indirectly

Use Maps offline

As is logical, using the Internet on a mobile uses more battery than not using it. Precisely for this reason, you can use Maps without battery. It is true that the functions of routes, traffic and even the location, will be limitedbut you can always see the map, with its roads and streets. If you are in a very hurry on the battery, it is an option to consider. To do this, disable mobile data when you are going to use the application.


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