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How to make the face of your contacts appear in WhatsApp notifications


We explain how you can make WhatsApp notifications show the faces of your contacts.

How to make the face of your contacts appear in WhatsApp notifications
You can make your contacts’ profile picture appear in WhatsApp message notifications.

We are going to explain how you can change notifications WhatsApp on your mobile to display your contacts’ profile photos, instead of the app icon. This is a very useful setting that has been built into Android for several years now, but very few people know about it.

This is a most convenient setting, as it lets you know from whom is a received and unread WhatsApp messageno need to open the app.

Put the profile picture of your contacts as WhatsApp notification

To be able to change this setting, we will not resort to WhatsApp settings, but to Android settings. the option of use contacts profile photos as notification icon It is a feature that has been present in the operating system for several years now. android versionsthanks to the “Priority Conversations” function.

By marking a conversation as priority, the operating system will highlight these types of conversations in various ways. On the one hand, it will place message notifications at the top of the notification list, it will change the notification icon to the user’s profile photo, and notifications can bypass the “Do Not Disturb” mode restrictions.

For mark a conversation as priorityall you have to do is, when you receive a message from one of your favorite contacts, make a long press about notification and choose the “Priority” option. Finally, tap on “Apply”.

When you have made the change, you will see how the notification icon now shows the profile picture of your contactinstead of the WhatsApp icon. It is worth mentioning that the change affects conversations in all instant messaging applicationsboth WhatsApp and Telegram or Facebook Messenger, among others.

If you want to select other notifications as priority, or remove those you no longer want to give priority to, you can enter system settingsGo to the “Notifications” section and access “Conversations”. There you will see all the priority and non-priority conversations, being able to make any changes you want.

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