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How to protect your privacy on WhatsApp by silencing calls from unknown numbers


If you often receive calls from unknown phone numbers on WhatsApp, with this tool you can silence them completely so they don’t bother you.

How to protect your privacy on WhatsApp by silencing calls from unknown numbers
WhatsApp has a specific function to silence calls from unknown phone numbers.

WhatsApp offers you various tools to prevent other users from bothering you. For example, you can completely mute a WhatsApp groupespecially interesting when it comes to those group chats with thousands of messages a day. On this occasion we want to explain a trick related to callsspecifically with those that come from unknown phone numbers.

And it is that WhatsApp has a native tool that allows you to completely silence calls from unknown numbers. This won’t stop other people from calling you, but it will stop your phone from notifying you when they do. You will only see the notification on WhatsApp so that you know that they have called you and, if you are interested, return the call. If you want to silence calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp, you just have to follow a simple procedure that we explain step by step.

How to silence calls from unknown numbers on WhatsApp

Although in Spain it is still not so common, receiving calls from unknown numbers through WhatsApp has become a very common problem in india. Son spam calls coming from other countries that can be very annoying, as they occur throughout the day. To avoid this problem, WhatsApp has introduced a feature called “Mute calls from unknown numbers”a name that lets us see perfectly what it is for.

If you like protect your privacy on the messaging platform, this tool is tremendously useful. with her you can avoid spam, phone scams and, ultimately, any call from numbers that you do not have saved as contacts. These are the steps you must follow to silence WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. tap on the three dot button from the upper right corner.
  3. Go into “Settings“.
  4. Access the section “Privacy“.
  5. Scroll down and tap on the “calls“.
  6. Check the box “Silence calls from unknown numbers“.

Once you activate this tool, your mobile it will not light up or sound when you receive a call from unknown numbers through WhatsApp. Of course, it will let you know that you have received it with A notificationjust in case you know the person who called you even if you don’t have their phone number registered. If you consider that it is a spam call, you can block number on whatsapp so that it doesn’t bother you again.

Spam is increasingly present in the messaging platform, which is why its managers are taking measures such as the introduction of this tool. According to WhatsApp, it is also improving their spam detection systems with artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing you to Reduce “junk” and scam calls by up to 50%.

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