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How to save battery in MIUI 13: complete guide


This time we show you 5 tricks that will allow you to save a lot of battery in MIUI 13, you can’t miss them!

How to save battery in MIUI 13: complete guide
MIUI 13 has several functions that will allow you to save battery by up to 30%.

Tired of your mobile with MIUI 13 inside running out of charge throughout the day? Well, if you do not plan to always carry an external battery with you, you should take a look at this article. Within it we will show you the best tricks to save battery in MIUI 13.

Assuming that the battery of your Xiaomi, POCO or Redmi terminal is in good health, these tips that we are going to review here should increase the autonomy of said battery by up to 30%, what does this mean? That you can reach the end of the day with a charge close to 20% or 25%.

So you can save battery in MIUI 13

Before we show you the functions that you must activate in order to achieve decent battery savings on your terminal with MIUI 13, it is important to clarify that These tips may not work on MIUI versions lower or later than the one mentioned..

Use dark themes

Use dark themes in MIUI 13

On the Internet you can find an infinite number of dark themes for MIUI 13.

If the screen of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile has an AMOLED-type panel, something that a large number of models of these brands have, you can save up to 5% battery by installing a dark theme.

This type of technology supposes that the representation of the black color of the panel is carried out by turning off the pixels that are in charge of reproducing that heat. In other words, the expense of panel backlighting in those parts becomes zero.

Using a dark theme on your mobile with MIUI 13you will get it to spend considerably less than it would with themes or clear wallpapers or with bright colors.

Likewise, if you want to take even more advantage of the energy savings offered by the AMOLED screen of your terminal, you should activate the dark theme in all Google apps.

Change the refresh rate of your screen

Change MIUI 13 refresh rate

We recommend activating the maximum refresh rate when watching videos or playing video games.

Being increasingly common in most mobile devices that are launched on the market, users have the possibility to choose the refresh rate of the screen without too many complications.

Although it is best not to touch this setting, since the manufacturer usually selects the best configuration so that the images that are reproduced on the screen look fluid, it is important to mention that the higher the chosen refresh rate, the higher the battery consumption.

If what you want is to save battery when using your Xiaomi, Poco or Redmi mobile, you should reduce the screen refresh rate as follows:

  • Enter the “Settings” of your mobile with MIUI 13.
  • Select the option that says “Screen”.
  • Scroll through the menu until you find the section called “Soda rate”. Once you have found it, you must click on it.
  • Finally, select the option that says “60hz” either “90hz” (depending on the mobile you have, one or the other option will appear).

Close all background apps that you are not using

Close background applications MIUI 13

Do not leave applications open if you are not going to use them for the rest of the day.

Do you usually open many applications at the same time? if your answer is “Yeah”we are obliged to inform you that the same They keep consuming energy without you knowing. Despite the fact that MIUI 13 reduces the battery consumption of those apps that are in the background, closing them will save the terminal up to 2% battery throughout the day.

You will not need to carry out complicated steps to be able to close apps that are open in the backgroundthen you will have the possibility to carry out this action from the multitasking drawer who owns your mobile device.

Activate Day Mode

Activate MIUI 13 day mode

Turning the brightness all the way down might be a smart choice.

A very interesting adjustment that MIUI offers us and that few know about, is the day mode. In short, this way allows the system to adjust the intensity of the screen brightnesseven when auto brightness is turned off.

By activating this function, you will be able to improve the autonomy of the terminal. Likewise, when you go outside and the sunlight is hitting the mobile screen directly, MIUI 13 will adjust the brightness so you can view any content correctly.

Do you want to activate this setting? All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Access the “Settings” from your POCO, Redmi or Xiaomi terminal.
  • Click on the option that says “Screen”.
  • Enter the section called “Gloss Level”.
  • And, as the last step, disable auto brightness and select the option “Day mode” (in some terminals it can be shown as “Sunlight mode”).

Prevent the screen from turning on when receiving notifications

Prevent the screen from turning on when receiving notifications

When the mobile screen is turned on when receiving notifications, the battery drain could exceed 2% of the total autonomy.

Last but not least, if you usually receive many messages a dayYou will surely know that with each notification that your terminal displays, MIUI 13 turns on the screen so that you are aware of them.

You can disable this feature so that the screen does not turn on with each notification that the terminal receives. To do this, you will have to perform these steps:

  • Enter the “Setting” from your Xiaomi, POCO or Redmi mobile.
  • Click on the option called “Lock screen”.
  • Within it, deactivate the function that says “Notification Effects”.
  • Finally, turn off all effects to reduce battery consumption.

With nothing more to add on the subject, we want to remind you that activating dark mode in MIUI 13You will be able to save much more battery, especially if your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO terminal has an AMOLED type screen.

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