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How to send invisible messages on WhatsApp to prank your contacts


This fun WhatsApp trick is perfect for having a good time with your friends.

How to send invisible messages on WhatsApp to prank your contacts
Send invisible messages on WhatsApp to prank your friends.

WhatsApp It’s the most popular instant messaging platform in the world, but you can use it for more than just communication. For example, WhatsApp can be useful to play pranks on your friends through a fun trick that we explain in this article. Consists in send invisible messages to your contactsthat they will not know what is happening and will think that it is a fault in their phone.

Carry out this WhatsApp prank it only takes a few seconds, but I’m sure you’ll laugh for a few more minutes. Take the opportunity to do it to your most naive friends, those who will take time to discover that everything is a joke. If you want to continue having fun with your mobile, there is very good applications to play phone pranks with whom you can have a good time.

How to send invisible messages on WhatsApp

Before explaining the steps you must follow, you must specify that this WhatsApp joke only works in WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of the messaging service. After trying it several times on an Android mobile, we have not been able to carry it out and leave behind the barrier of “You can’t send an empty message”. Fortunately, on the computer we have not had any problems and the joke has ended successfully.

For this WhatsApp trick you only have to follow these steps that we detail:

  1. Enters on this website Y copy the white box that appears under “Unicode Character “⠀” (U+2800)”.
  2. Open WhatsApp Web and enter the chat with your victim.
  3. Paste the white space in the text bar that you had previously copied and hit send. You may paste it several times so that the invisible message is bigger, you choose.
invisible message on whatsapp

Copy the white box and send it to your victim on WhatsApp.

As you can see in our example, the recipient will absolutely not see nothing when you send him the invisible message, which will quickly make him suspicious. Do you have broken mobile? Is there an error in the configuration of WhatsApp? Attention, because this trick also works for you leave your name and contact information empty on the messaging platform.

We have also tried this trick with the app Telegram Y Telegram Websitebut in no case has he let us send the invisible message. Therefore, it seems that it is not possible to carry out this prank with your Telegram contacts.

For now, the invisible messages trick does work on WhatsApp, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it to have a laugh with your family and friends. Do not try to do it with the space barbecause there the service does prevent it in all its versions.

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