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How to share Google Maps location

How to share Google Maps location


Sending your location through Maps is more useful than sending it through WhatsApp.

How to share Google Maps location
Sharing location via Google Maps is quick and easy

We are used to sharing our location via WhatsApp, but Google Maps allows us to do the same in a more comfortable way. The Google application has an option to show one or more people where we are and how long we will be there. If you are interested in learning how to do it, we are going to explain how to share the location of Google Maps.

Share your location on Google Maps

Why is it better than WhatsApp?

It is possible that until 1 minute ago you were unaware of this function, which is one of the best tricks of Google Maps. However, now that you know it, you should also know that by sharing the location, your profile picture and username will be displayedalthough the most important thing is that the other person will be able to see the battery of your mobile.

Capture of how to share the location in Google Maps

When viewing the location, the remaining battery will also be displayed

By sending your location, the person who has access to it will know where are you and what is the battery percentage of your mobile. This is especially useful for those parents who want to know where their child is and how much charge they have left, but you can also take advantage of it in a thousand different ways. For example, if someone you’ve met doesn’t answer you, you’ll know that they don’t answer because her cell phone has run out of charge.

How to share your location by Maps

Once we have clarified why sharing the location through the Google application is better than WhatsApp, we can start the tutorial. Basically what we will do is send the link of our location to the person, or persons, that we want. When you click on this link, you will be able to know where we are. We can send it to you in various ways, from SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram message or email, among others.

To send your location, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Google Maps application.
  • Play on your profile picturelocated in the upper right corner.
  • A menu will appear, from this select Share location.
  • Choose how long will you be and who will you send it to.
Tutorial on how to share location by Google Maps

In 4 steps you can show whoever you want where you are

Your part ends here, now it’s the other’s turn. This will simply have to open the link to be redirected to Google Maps. precisely for this reason, It is essential that you have the app downloaded.

Download Google Maps for Android

Download Google Maps for iPhone

Your address will be displayed on it. right next to this the Directions command will appear, if you touch it, the route to arrive will begin. Remember that if you, or someone else, have to drive on a route, You can use Google Maps to save gas.

restrictions for minors

As we said at the beginning of the article, this function is especially useful for those parents who want to know where their child is and how much battery they have left. In this case, they should also know that minors under 18 years of age will not be able to share their location for more than 24 hours. It’s important for them to know so they don’t get upset if they can’t see it. In any case, nothing prevents the minor from sharing it again once the 24 hours have expired.

Share any location

This tutorial has taught you how to share your location on Google Maps, but you can always send any locationwhether you are in it or not. To do this, look for it on the map from the application or write its name in the top search bar. Once you have located it, touch it. A menu will pop up in the lower half of the screen. In this you will see several options, the first being How to get there, what you should do is slide to the right until you find Share. Once you press it, you can choose who you share the place with via a link.

How to send a place by Google Maps

You can always share any other location


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